From Trainee to Host

From Trainee to Host

Looking for ways to invest in the next generation of talent and build up your workforce? Consider hosting a trainee!

According to Ali Rados, a Licensing Account Manager and former trainee herself, the AFL SportsReady program is a great option for organisations looking to do just that. During a recent interview, Ali spoke highly of the program and discussed the personal and professional growth she has observed in a trainee who is now part of the team. As a former trainee turned host/mentor, Ali knows firsthand the value of the program and recommends it to other organisations looking to develop the next generation of talent.

During our visit to AFL House, we interviewed Ali Rados, a Licensing Account Manager hosting Charlie Garner, a former Trainee (and AFL SportsReady’s Victorian Trainee of the year 2023) of the AFL SportsReady program. Ali spoke about the benefits of hosting a Trainee and Charlie’s growth during his time with the AFL.

According to Ali, Charlie filled a significant gap in their team and performed exceptionally well both personally and professionally. She added that they truly needed him and his contributions were invaluable.

Ali noted Charlie’s personal and professional growth since joining the AFL licensing department. He has become a valued member of the team with improved communication skills and seamless integration. Charlie quickly grew into his role, becoming part of the team.

Ali highly recommends the AFL SportsReady program and fondly recalls her experience as a former AFL SportsReady Trainee. The program came at the perfect time, allowing her to work while building her qualifications.

Overall, this interview highlights the advantages of hosting Trainees and their positive impact on organisations. They not only fill gaps in the team but also provide personal and professional growth opportunities for both Trainees and the organisation. Hosting Trainees is a worthwhile consideration for those looking to develop their workforce and invest in the next generation of talent. By hosting Trainees, companies can not only benefit from their contributions but also provide them with valuable experience and career development opportunities.

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