A Journey of Cultural Connection

A Journey of Cultural Connection

Chloe Gilcrist, proud Wiradjuri woman, is completing her second traineeship with AFL SportsReady as an Aboriginal Youth Engagement Trainee at the City of Casey’s Aboriginal Gathering Place. Her journey has been marked by a deepening connection to her cultural roots and significant professional development.

Chloe’s time with AFL SportsReady began when an Aboriginal Case Manager and Mentor introduced her to the Casey Aboriginal Gathering Place.

She helped me connect with my cultural background and community.

Encouraged by her mentor, Chloe applied for the Aboriginal Youth Engagement Trainee position after graduating in 2022. After successfully navigating the application and interview process, she started her traineeship in January 2023. Due to her impressive performance, the traineeship was extended for a second year in 2024!

Working as a Trainee has been a significant learning journey for me.

I’ve been exposed to the intricacies of local government and community services, learning how to navigate professionalism and network with various internal and external organisations.

Balancing her studies—transitioning from a Certificate III to a Certificate IV in Business—with her work responsibilities has been challenging yet rewarding. Chloe appreciates the opportunity to immerse herself in her culture daily, adding a fulfilling dimension to her role.

I’ve learned an enormous amount in this role that I’ll carry over to future jobs and my everyday life.

Chloe speaks highly of her host employer, who has been instrumental in her professional development.

My host employer has truly gone above and beyond in fostering my professional growth. They’ve provided me with tools and resources to enhance my skills and encouraged me to explore my interests and passions within the workplace.

The supportive environment at the City of Casey has allowed Chloe to feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes, knowing that her growth and development are prioritised.

Chloe’s role is diverse and engaging, with tasks including:
  • Coordinating and co-facilitating youth programs and activities
  • Conducting community outreach to expand participation and support
  • Networking with organisations to develop partnerships
  • Supporting weekly programs
  • Managing phone and email correspondence
  • Providing business support
  • Overseeing administrative logistics
  • Managing social media communications
  • Handling room hire bookings
  • Managing event logistics and operations
  • Preparing meeting agendas, minutes and greeting community members and external organisations

AFL SportsReady has played a crucial role in Chloe’s traineeship experience.

My Field Officer provides quarterly check-ins, offering a judgment-free space to discuss any issues or challenges.

Her mentor has ensured a culturally safe workplace and provided guidance, including opportunities to attend Koorie Court sessions, broadening her understanding of cultural sensitivities.

The support from AFL SportsReady has significantly contributed to my growth and development during my traineeship.

Chloe highly recommends a traineeship to recent school leavers.

A traineeship offers a supportive environment where you can learn, make mistakes and grow.

With the flexibility to study and dedicated support from AFL SportsReady staff, it’s an ideal way to pursue your interests while gaining valuable experience.

Chloe’s experience is a powerful example of how traineeships can provide both professional skills and a deeper connection to cultural heritage, setting a strong foundation for a really promising future.

Since 2000, We have kick-started the careers of over 3,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Trainees.

The Warumilang Program is our dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program to assist First Nations peoples.

With tailored employment and training pathways that aim to provide opportunities for First Nations peoples to thrive and be successful.

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