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    The Warumilang Program is our dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program to assist First Nations to thrive and be successful.


Our vision is to advocate for First Nations peoples to have equal and equitable opportunities to sustainable and fulfilling life-long employment and education.

We will play a vital role in actively breaking down barriers to education and employment by creating culturally safe workplaces. We will work in partnership with First Nations communities and organisations to deliver this vision. We will prioritise improving our cultural capabilities founded on respectful relationships and appreciation for First Nations staff, trainees, employers and communities.


AFL SportsReady is delighted to announce the launch of our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2023-2025 (RAP). This significant milestone marks a major step for our organisation to strengthen our relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and stakeholders in reconciliation.

The RAP outlines our vision for reconciliation and presents a set of clear actions to help us achieve this vision. This document is the result of the dedicated efforts of the RAP Working Group. Who volunteered their time and expertise to create an impactful plan for our organisation.

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Mali Isabel is a proud Arabana and Kokatha artist, living and practising on Kaurna land (Adelaide), Australia.

The artwork: ‘Fly with your own two wings’ is about the journey of a person and a company coming together as one for a positive, developmental, growth experience. There are two sets of footprints that join together making their path one and when their time is up. The footprints turn into an eagle and flies away with its own two wings.

The artwork includes multiple meeting places with people gathered and watering holes to show how much land the business covers over Australia. I wanted to recognise how large the company community is and how they support such diverse clients from all over. The artwork is about AFL SportsReady preparing and setting up their client with success. And when it’s time, the client will fly away with the wings AFL SportsReady has helped them grow.” – Mali Isabel

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