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    For further information or queries, please email the team at [email protected]

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    If you would like to know more about offering an opportunity to eligible students or want your organisation to contribute to the education, upskilling and reconciliation of our First Nations community, please complete your details below and one of our team will be in contact with you.

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Empower Your Business, Employ a Cadet

Welcome to AFL SportsReady’s Cadetship Program! Our initiative provides valuable employment opportunities for First Nations university students. This program connects businesses with passionate students eager to gain experience in their field of study.

Partnering with us not only supports the professional growth of First Nations students but also enriches your workplace with diverse perspectives and cultural insights.

Employing a cadet through AFL SportsReady is an investment in both their future and the growth of your business. Our program offers flexible employment arrangements and comprehensive support services, ensuring a mutually rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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    You’ll have the opportunity to support driven young individuals in their pursuit of industry experience. This engagement not only benefits the students but also provides your business with fresh ideas and perspectives from future leaders.

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    By employing a cadet, your business directly invests in the education and career development of First Nations students. This program offers a meaningful way to contribute to reconciliation and foster diversity within your organisation.

  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. FULFIL YOUR RAP RESPONSIBILITIES

    Hosting a cadet aligns with and helps fulfill your Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) responsibilities. A RAP outlines the steps your business will take to promote reconciliation within your organisation and the broader community.

The Cadetship Program, a Commonwealth-funded initiative, supports First Nations university students in completing their studies and gaining practical work experience, developing essential skills in their chosen field.

Students receive paid employment related to their field of study for 10 weeks per year, for up to three years. This allows them to gain professional experience alongside their studies while offering employers passionate and knowledgeable individuals ready to contribute to their industry. By hosting a cadet, you help build the next generation of First Nations professionals and provide long-term employment opportunities.

  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. FLEXIBLE EMPLOYMENT STRUCTURE

    As a host employer, you will provide paid employment for the student throughout the year.  This can be undertaken in various ways, for a Cadet it might be a ‘block’ at the end of the academic year or may be done on a more regular basis during the study semester (such as once a week).

    This flexibility allows you and the cadet to tailor the experience to fit your schedules.

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    AFL SportsReady offers ongoing mentoring support from experienced First Nations professionals. These mentors visit cadets at their workplaces, supporting their well-being, cultural connection, and professional development.

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AFL SportsReady acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the original custodians of this land and pays its respects to all First Nations peoples. We acknowledge the spiritual, physical and cultural connection First Nations peoples have with country as the first people of the land.