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From the Djab wurrung people

AFL SportsReady believes that education and employment are vital for people to successfully participate in society. AFL SportsReady’s vision is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to have the same opportunities as other Australians to start their careers with confidence, qualifications and skills.

We acknowledge the history and the past injustices that have led to the current inequality and disadvantage experienced by many Indigenous people. We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing opportunities for Indigenous people to overcome these barriers by providing a pathway to meaningful and fulfilling education and employment.

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program, Warumilang, represents the support and opportunities created for Indigenous people through quality education and employment. We focus on strengthening relationships, promoting respect and creating employment and education opportunities for young Indigenous people.

We have kick-started the careers of over 2,600 Indigenous trainees since 2000

AFL SportsReady acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the original custodians of this land and pays its respects to all Indigenous people. We acknowledge the spiritual, physical and cultural connection Indigenous people have with country as the first people of the land.

  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. Traineeships

    AFL SportsReady believes in a fair and united Australia, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have the same opportunities and access to education, training and employment as other Australians.

    We are committed to ‘closing the gap’ by offering a number of jobs/traineeships specifically for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Our 12-month traineeships are ‘apprenticeships for the office’, combining full-time work with study. It’s the ideal mix of:

    • Practical experience in the workplace
    • Formal qualification (Certificate II, III, IV and Diploma level)

    However, we acknowledge that Indigenous Australians can face many challenges at the beginning and throughout their career journey. To help mitigate these difficulties, we provide all our Indigenous trainees with a personal ‘support team’, which includes.

    • AN EXCLUSIVE INDIGENOUS MENTOR provides personal and career pathway support.
    • A DEDICATED FIELD OFFICER to assist the work placement and ensure success.
    • AN EDUCATOR / TEACHER provides the education component of the traineeship
    Our trainees and partners are supported every step of the way, which creates a productive working environment.

    Our traineeships are typically entry-level opportunities and are primarily aimed at:

    • Indigenous Australians
    • Both male and females
    • Young Australians aged between 16-21 years old
    • High school students in year 10, 11 or 12
    • Recent high school graduates or leavers
  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. Melbourne Indigenous Professional Employment Program (MIPEP)

    AFL SportsReady in partnership with the University of Melbourne are providing Indigenous Australian job seekers with the opportunity to embark on a career development journey thanks to the MIPEP Program.

    The University of Melbourne offers Indigenous Australians a two-year development opportunity through the provision of direct work activities and a rotation between two business areas. There are multiple positions available across various teams.

    AFL SportsReady delivers the education on campus with all participants of the program required to complete a nationally recognised qualification at the diploma level within the first 12 months. In addition, participants are required to attend professional development and enrichment activities and supported to create and drive their career development through a dedicated mentor.

    Applications are now open. In 2021, we are looking for 5 people to join the program. For more information and a position description, please click here.

  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. Direct Employment

    Our aim is to connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers with employment and provide a range of support services, preparing them for long-term employment.

    We have been working with Aboriginal communities across Australia for nearly 20 years and have placed over 2,500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in jobs since 2000.

    We help Indigenous jobseekers by providing the following:

    • Support to find a job
    • Resume writing and help in preparing for interviews
    • Pre-employment training
    • Workplace support and Indigenous mentoring for up to 6 months
    • Access to networking activities with other Indigenous employees

    We help organisations employ Indigenous Australians by providing the following services:

    • Identify and engage the right candidates
    • Match suitable candidates to job opportunities
    • Prepare candidates for employment with industry-specific training
    • Mentor candidates whilst in the workplace to help keep them on track
    • Deliver Cultural Awareness training to management and relevant staff
    • Provide workplace support for six months to meet any challenges you or your employee may have

    AFL SportsReady works with employment partners across the following industries:

    • Sport and Recreation
    • Business and Administration
    • State and Local Government
    • Arts and Creative Industries
    • Banking and Finance
    • Information Technology
    • Horticulture
    • Hospitality
    • Retail

    If you are an Indigenous jobseeker or part of an organisation looking to employ Indigenous staff, contact us using the link below.

    Contact Us


  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. Cadetships

    The Indigenous Cadetship program aims to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students with paid employment in a role that relates to their field of study.

    The 10 week program enables students to gain a professional employment experience alongside their studies while providing the employer with enthusiastic young professionals looking to make an impact in the workplace.

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  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. Cultural Awareness Training

    Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) is a pivotal step in ensuring workplaces are culturally sensitive and welcoming, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff can thrive.

    AFL SportsReady provides our partners with the opportunity to increase their cultural capability and awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, history, values and beliefs to build greater respect and understanding.

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