First Nations Cadetships

First Nations Cadetships



The First Nations Cadetship Program is a Commonwealth Funded Program that aims to provide support to First Nation Australians, studying at university full-time.

AFL SportsReady aims to link employers who are looking to engage with a First Nation student in order to provide meaningful employment experience for 10 weeks per year.  This opportunity assists students in achieving not only a great education and a practical experience within their chosen field but will also contribute to your workplace diversity

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    AFL SportsReady takes care of all the recruitment to match you with a suitable student.

    As an employer, you will be required to provide 10 weeks of paid employment for the student throughout the year.  This can be undertaken as a ‘block’ at the end of the academic year (for example Dec – Feb) or may be done on a more regular basis during the study semester (such as once a week).  This can be arranged directly between you and the student, once they are successfully engaged in the program.

    Whether you want to have a particular student in mind, want to offer an opportunity to eligible students or simply want your organisation to contribute to the education, upskilling and reconciliation of our First Nations communities, please complete your details below and one of our Cadetship team will be in contact with you.

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    • Invest in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander education and provide employment pathways in your business sector
    • Support the passion and drive of young people to get a foothold in their chosen industry
    • Help provide long term employment opportunities for the next generation of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander university students
    • Open the door to education and industry opportunities for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander university students
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    AFL SportsReady will provide access to First Nation mentoring support for both businesses and students throughout the year.

To find out more, please download our corporate brochure here.

You can also view case studies here highlighting how this program can empower your business and help First Nations students find their future.