First Nations Pathways

First Nations Pathways

At AFL SportsReady we acknowledge the hardships and challenges First Nations peoples can encounter when entering the workforce. We acknowledge that to become a fair and equitable Australia, we can play a vital role in supporting business and organisations to be better equipped to mitigate these challenges by helping our partners to identify meaningful employment opportunities and introducing employers to future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent to support building their own talent pipeline.

Our services include:

  • Attracting First Nations applicants using culturally safe recruitment practices
  • Screening and matching First Nations candidates to the opportunity
  • Supporting and mentoring successful candidates in their employment journey.

We aim to provide progressive opportunities across a range of industries to support First Nations peoples starting their careers with dynamic skills, qualifications, and experience, while also adding value to your organisation and business. Through consultation with our business development team, we can tailor an employment model to support your business goals and provide an opportunity to our First Nations peoples.

Our partners have the flexibility to choose an employment model that suits them. Our current partners include:

  • Full-time, part-time and school-based traineeships for clients including Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac, local and state governments, arts, cultural and creative organisations and more.
  • Cadetships programs with Rio Tinto, South Australian Government, St Kilda Football Club, Yarra Valley Water, Metro North Health, Deloitte, Brisbane City Council, Santos and more to support First Nations university students to gain industry experience and create valuable pathways in your business sector.
  • Direct employment positions with Officeworks, Good Start Early Learning and more.

To find more information on our pathways, click on one our programs below:


  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. TRAINEESHIPS

    Warumilang traineeships support First Nations peoples to identifying meaningful employment opportunities that create rewarding experiences and support First Nations peoples to thrive in their careers by bringing new perspectives, values and capabilities to the workforce.

    Traineeships are structured training programs that enable young people to gain a qualification through employment. They provide individuals with an opportunity to gain practical experience at work whilst receiving on and off-the-job training.

    AFL SportsReady recruits people who are generally aged between 16 – 25 including school students, recent school leavers, adults returning to work and matches them with our host employers, supporting them to complete a traineeship that leads to quality, on the job experience and nationally recognised qualifications.

    For employers, the benefits are:

    A talented and motivated employee
    An attractive bottom-line
    Increased productivity
    The satisfaction of helping someone begin their career
    For the young person the benefits are:

    A nationally recognised qualification
    On the job training
    Paid workplace experience
    An established network of key contacts
    The opportunity to start a career

    You can learn more about traineeships by clicking on the button below:

    Alternatively, you can more about hiring a trainee by clicking on the button below:


  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. DIRECT EMPLOYMENT

    If your organisation is looking to take a progressive approach to creating long-term employment opportunities then AFL SportsReady’s Direct Employment model may best suit you.  Our Direct Employment pathways support your organisation to invest creating fair and equitable opportunities for First Nations peoples. Organisations who offer ongoing employment can invest in building their organisational capacity as they see long term employees career progression come to fruition. The added value of this enables organisations to create strong talent pipelines in house while also adding value through the diverse skillsets, perspectives and lived experiences that First Nations employees bring.

    If you are an organisation looking to support First Nations peoples to enter long-term, sustainable employment we offer our direct employment pathway. This pathway is committed to helping organisation employ a First Nations person by providing the following services:

    • Identify and engage the right candidates
    • Match suitable candidates to job opportunities
    • Prepare candidates for employment with industry-specific training
    • Mentor candidates whilst in the workplace to help keep them on track
    • Provide workplace support for six months to meet any challenges you or your employee may have
    • Provide guidance on where to access appropriate Cultural Awareness Training to support your organisation to take on a First Nations person and operate in a culturally safe manner.
  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. CADETSHIPS

    AFL SportsReady aims to link employers who are looking to engage with an Indigenous student in order to provide meaningful employment experience for 10 weeks per year.  This opportunity assists students in achieving not only a great education and a practical experience within their chosen field, but will also contribute to your workplace diversity.

    AFL SportsReady will provide access to mentoring support to students throughout the year and can also assist in providing services to employers, such as additional support and cultural awareness training for supervisors and staff.

    As an employer, you will be required to provide 10 weeks of paid employment for the student throughout the year.  This can be undertaken as a ‘block’ at the end of the academic year (for example Dec – Feb) or may be done on a more regular basis during the study semester (such as once a week).  This can be arranged directly between you and the student, once they are successfully engaged in the program.

    Whether you want to have a particular student in mind, want to offer an opportunity to eligible students or simply want your organisation to contribute to the education, upskilling and reconciliation of our Indigenous community, please complete your details below and one of our Cadetship team will be in contact with you.



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