Community Legend Champions Traineeship Program

Community Legend Champions Traineeship Program

Barry Gaby, a seasoned Trainee Supervisor at AFL Tasmania, has mentored Candice Belbin, who recently won AFL SportsReady’s Trainee of the Year for Tasmania.

Gaby has been with AFL Tasmania for 26 years and has mentored over 25 Trainees.

He describes his experience with Belbin as exceptionally rewarding, noting her significant contributions to the organisation and the broader community.

Over the years, I have supervised probably 25-30 Trainees, and they have all been great young people.

The traineeships have given them an insight into what is expected of them in a work environment. For most, this is their first job.

AFL Tasmania, the governing body for Australian Rules Football in Tasmania. Is dedicated to growing the game and ensuring it is inclusive and safe for all participants.

Gaby discovered the AFL SportsReady traineeship program through AFL SportsReady itself, integrated into AFL Tasmania’s organisational structure. He embraced the traineeship program many years ago because;

it gave young people the opportunity to work in the sport and chase their dreams.

AFL SportsReady’s Tassie State Manager, Tracey Parry, said,

Barry has been an incredible mentor over the years to so many Trainees.

His guidance has gone well beyond mere instruction. He possesses a unique blend of wisdom, encouragement, and unwavering support that has transformed Trainees both personally and professionally.

The recruitment process, managed by AFL SportsReady, involved advertising the position, shortlisting candidates, conducting interviews and selecting the best fit for the role.

Gaby’s Trainee, Candice Belbin, recently won Trainee of the Year for Tasmania. Her ability to handle the challenges of working in schools, particularly behavioural issues, showcased her maturity and problem-solving skills. She collaborated effectively with teachers and schools to ensure positive outcomes, reinforcing her role as a reliable and effective Junior Development Officer.

Candice’s positive attitude and work ethic have left a real positive feel in the community,

Gaby remarked. Reflecting on his extensive career and the many Trainees he has mentored, Gaby considers Belbin one of his top picks.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Trainee than Candice. The traineeship has really grown her as a person, and I am really proud that she is now heading to university to study Physiotherapy.

When asked about the benefits of having Trainees over the years at AFL Tasmania, Gaby said,

Great benefits and good for young people who have been able to adapt to the role. Their enthusiasm has been great for the workplace.

Barry Gaby’s story demonstrates the benefits of the AFL SportsReady program, not only for the Trainees but also for the host organisations.

Gaby’s endorsement of the traineeship program is strong and heartfelt, highlighting its positive impact on AFL Tasmania and the broader community.

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