Leading On and Off the Field

Leading On and Off the Field

AFL SportsReady is pumped to announce Ryan Doolan as the Trainee of the Year for Queensland. Ryan, a dedicated Trainee at AFL Queensland (Metro North), has shown exceptional commitment and passion on and off the field.

Ryan’s introduction to AFL SportsReady’s traineeships came through an email from his high school pathway program.

I knew it would be the right thing for me immediately.

It was footy, so I knew I would love it.

This initial excitement led him to pursue the traineeship, which began in January after a series of interviews over the Christmas period.

With a lifelong involvement in footy, including playing, coaching and umpiring. Ryan found the traineeship to be a perfect fit.

The appeal of the role to me was the balance of being out on the footy oval, teaching the sport and having an opportunity to pass on the things I have learnt to the younger generation.

Plus, gaining experience in the office space and adding to my toolkit with admin skills was invaluable.

During a restructuring phase at AFL Queensland, Ryan faced a significant challenge last year. That required him to take on more responsibilities sooner than anticipated.

I think I managed to find my feet pretty well.

Overcoming this difficult period is something Ryan is particularly proud of, as it played a significant role in his professional growth.

One of Ryan’s notable achievements was devising a smoother onboarding process for new staff, drawing from his recent experiences. This initiative helped improve the onboarding efficiency and marked a significant step in his development.

Traineeships are a great option for people like me who love the sporting world and see a future working in sport.

It’s an awesome opportunity to add to your skillset and work in a supportive environment with knowledgeable people. It has helped me to thrive.

Ryan’s positive experience with the AFL and the traineeship has solidified his desire to continue on this career path.

For now, I definitely want to continue down this career pathway with the AFL. But in the sports industry as a whole, there’s so much going on and so many different pathways I can go down.

Starting a full-time job while balancing the educational component of the traineeship was daunting for Ryan. However, the support from AFL SportsReady and AFL Queensland made the transition smooth.

Both AFL SportsReady and AFL Queensland were there to support me.

[Photo: Dan Cordwell, Ryan and Madi Crowley-Long]

Ryan’s supervisor, Sam Cairns speaks highly of his performance and character.

Ryan has been outstanding in his role as a Trainee since he started.

His passion, commitment, determination to succeed, and willingness to learn has shown in his day-to-day work.

He is always bringing positive energy into the office and helps those that are struggling. Ryan is always on top of his study and finds new ways to improve his learning. This is also reflected in the community where he plays Senior football at Mayne AFC being a young leader on and off the field. Ryan’s future at the AFL looks bright and we can’t wait to see how far he goes in life!

Ryan Doolan’s achievements as AFL SportsReady’s Trainee of the Year for Queensland show his dedication and love for the sport. His story is an inspiration to others looking to build a career in the sports industry, showing that with passion and support, success is within reach.

[Photos of Ryan with fellow Trainee Miles McCallum]

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