Pride, Passions and Cultural Heritage

Pride, Passions and Cultural Heritage

Jamie-lee Timbery Ferguson, proud Bidjigal-Dharawal, Wailwan, Birapi and Bundjalung woman, is making her mark in the world of events and cultural engagement. Currently completing a traineeship at The University of Sydney as the First Nations Events and Engagement Trainee. A role that intertwines with her passions and cultural heritage.

Jamie-lee has always had a deep passion for events and a strong connection to her culture, leading her to many exciting opportunities.

I have always had a passion for events and being involved in my culture, which has led me to many fun opportunities

Featured Photos; of Jamie-lee marching with the USYD float during the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and she also got some airtime on ABC.

One of the images of her waving into the crowd was shared in the university-wide communications sent out by the Vice Chancellor to help bring attention to and summarise some of the university-wide diversity initiatives done by the team.

Following in her family’s footsteps of teaching and celebrating culture, Jamie-lee’s interest in events guided her to the theatre. Where she worked as a theatre technician, building sets and stages around Sydney.

Despite her success in the theatre, Jamie-lee sought to expand her skills in office management and event coordination.

Her mother discovered the traineeship with AFL SportsReady’s Warumilang Program, recognising it as a perfect fit.

My mother found this traineeship and knew it would be perfect for me.

Jamie-lee recalls, adding that she was thrilled to get the role, especially with the bonus of being placed in the Fisher Library, which suited her love for books and learning.

Returning to a structured educational environment after two years out of high school was initially challenging. Jamie-lee was apprehensive about resuming her studies, but her educator, Kylie, helped ease her transition.

Meeting my educator Kylie put me at ease, and I started to really enjoy my classes and what I was learning.

Jamie-lee describes her experience at The University of Sydney as amazing. The positive and creative work environment has fostered her professional and personal growth.

I have been able to develop my skills in areas that I love and grown so much as a person!

In her role, Jamie-lee engages in a diverse range of tasks. From office skills and organising cultural workshops to setting up events like launch parties and student food clubs, Jamie-lee has developed a fondness for Excel, a tool she once found mundane.

Jamie-lee is already proving to be such an asset to her team at the library. I have been getting glowing feedback – Craig Seinor-Davies (Senior Engagement Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion)

One of the major takeaways from Jamie-lee’s traineeship is the importance of being open to growth.

I have learned to always be open to growing, whether it’s through feedback on work, reshaping ideas, or collaborating with others.

This mindset has helped her embrace diverse perspectives while staying true to her vision.

Looking ahead, Jamie-lee plans to stay in the events sector and remain connected to her culture. She dreams of writing a book someday but remains open to various opportunities that might come her way.

I like to not put too much pressure on my future plans as you never know what might change.

Jamie-lee credits much of her success to the support from AFL SportsReady and her mentors. She began her traineeship with Kristy Butler as her field officer, who provided a welcoming and encouraging start. Christine Clifford continued this supportive approach, reinforcing that everyone at AFL SportsReady is there for her.
Her educator, Kylie Spragg, played a crucial role in easing her return to study and fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Anzac Leidig, Jamie-lee’s mentor, offered an extra layer of support and connection.

Having a mentor that is also Mob gave an extra level of support and connection knowing someone was there for me and understood me in that way.

Jamie-lee’s family has been incredibly supportive of her traineeship journey, recognising how aligned it is with her interests and passions. She recommends a traineeship to recent school leavers, emphasising the value of simultaneously gaining work experience and a certificate.

It helps you grow as a person while keeping the expectation that you are still learning, which is reassuring for someone just leaving high school.

Jamie-lee Timbery Ferguson’s traineeship journey is an inspiring example of the importance of following a passion and embracing opportunities. Her experience reflects the positive impact of a supportive work environment and the importance of cultural connection in professional development.

Jamie-lee is a great inspiration for other young First Nations Australians and all who aspire to blend cultural heritage with professional aspirations.

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