Inspiring Personal Development

Inspiring Personal Development

In a remarkable development from a part-time role to a full-time position, Shieyanne “Shy” Copley-Morgan, proud Larrakia woman has achieved the title of AFL Sportsready First Nations Trainee of the Year for Queensland. Her dedication and commitment at QinetiQ Pty Ltd as a Business Administration Trainee has been an inspiration!

Shieyanne’s traineeship with QinetiQ kicked off with just two days a week. Initially Shy stepped into an administration role under the guidance of Angie Fisher, she quickly proved her capabilities and was soon asked to take on full-time responsibilities, adding a resource management role to her repertoire.

I started off with one role and was working two days a week. I was then asked to work full time and I took on an additional role.

Initially, Shy’s tasks included dealing with new starters and managing service letters, ensuring gifts and recognition were appropriately handled. Her attention to detail and ability to juggle multiple tasks became apparent.

My admin role was mostly internal, dealing with people who were new starters, as well as service letters.

As her responsibilities expanded, she ventured into resource management, ensuring that her colleagues remained on task and productive. This new role allowed her to develop leadership skills and understand the intricacies of workplace dynamics.

Another significant aspect of Shieyanne’s role at QinetiQ involved working on learning and development. She managed the personal development system from an administrative perspective, ensuring all processes run smoothly and efficiently.

My job is a lot of small things in the background that keep everything running.

Recalling her first day, Shy mentioned how daunting it was to step into an office environment for the first time, especially during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I remember my first day… It was really scary because I had never worked in an office before and it was the middle of COVID. It was pretty much just me and Angie in the office when I first started. But I felt really comfortable because Angie was so nice and I could always just ask her questions. It wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it was going into an office environment for the first time.

Shieyanne’s supervisor, Angie, has been immensely impressed with her progress and work ethic.

 has worked for me within QinetiQ as a Business Administration trainee since 4 March 2021. As her direct supervisor, I have been incredibly impressed with her warmth, personality and commitment to both our internal staff and prospective employees before they commence with us. – Angie said.

Angie added,

She is a people person who loves helping people and will go out of her way to do so. Shieyanne embodies our company values of integrity, collaboration, and performance. I have received many positive reviews from staff commenting on how approachable and helpful she is, answering their queries within a very timely manner, whilst not being afraid to ask for help if required. Shieyanne is a valued member of the Corporate Responsibility Committee and is also involved with many of our well-being initiatives.

Shieyanne’s ability to balance her work and study commitments with the support of AFL Sportsready’s Warumilang Program has been impressive. Her proactive approach often saw her completing assignments ahead of schedule, showcasing her dedication and time management skills.

With the tremendous support of AFL Sportsready, Shieyanne has been able to work full-time hours and maintain a high level of study as required for her traineeship, often ahead of schedule with completion of her assignments – Angie noted

Shy’s traineeship at QinetiQ showcases her dedication, adaptability and epic commitment. Her story highlights the importance of providing opportunities and a supportive environment.

As she continues to develop and excel, Shieyanne inspires other Trainees, showing that with dedication and support, success is possible.

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