Beyond your Comfort Zone

Beyond your Comfort Zone

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be a daunting idea, but ArtsReady Alumni proved that doing so can lead to growth and opportunities. In 2017, while completing her traineeship as the Visual Arts Assistant at Siena College, Eden Kenneth-Phillips discovered her passion for the education sector. Through her dedication and hard work, she not only gained valuable experience and industry connections but also pursued her career goals. Eden’s inspiring journey exemplifies the importance of pushing oneself beyond their comfort zone to achieve personal and professional development.

“I wanted a gap year job and experience in Melbourne to settle me into the lifestyle before starting my formal university study.”

Eden Kenneth-Phillips_Alumni

Originally from Wangaratta, Eden made the decision to move to Melbourne for further studies. Believing it would be a great option as she had just completed VCE studies in visual communication and studio arts.

“I was the visual arts assistant at Siena College. This role saw me undertake admin duties as well as assisting in classrooms with sewing, printing, computer design skills, purchase orders, stock count, gallery curation, note taking, organising and more.”

Her traineeship provided valuable work experience in the education sector. Eden’s host employer was very supportive and continued her as a casual employee after her two years of study were complete.
She found the education component of the Traineeship to be manageable and completed both Certificate III and IV in Business Administration in just nine months!

“The host employer were so lovely and continued having me on as a casual after my two years of study were complete. They believed in me and my capabilities to adapt and be utilised in other areas of the administration.”

By completing a traineeship Eden was able to get her foot in the door in the education sector. Which was not her intended field but has led her on a wonderful career journey so far. Including her current role as an Advancement Manager at Brighton Grammar School.
She advises young people who have just finished year 12 to gain life experiences beyond their comfort zone of home life with their parents. To challenge themselves, travel, move out, or move away from home.

“The main takeaways for me from the traineeship were the connections and foot in the door within the school sector. The traineeship allowed me to grow as an individual and as an adult.

Having work experience on your resume was highly appreciated when sourcing future jobs after I decided that university wasn’t suited to me. I learnt how to articulate myself better, work in group dynamics and across areas of an organisation.”

Eden’s experience with the ArtsReady program highlights the benefits of undertaking a traineeship. It provides an opportunity for young people to gain valuable work experience, industry connections, and the confidence to pursue their career goals.
The ArtsReady program offers a range of traineeships in the arts, media, education and sports industries. Allowing young people to find their passion and create a successful career path.

“I would suggest gaining life experiences beyond your comfort zone of home life with your parents. Challenge yourself, travel, move out or move away from home.”

If you’ve recently completed your Traineeship, join our Alumni!

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