Warumilang Program Success Stories

Warumilang Program Success Stories

We celebrate and acknowledge the success of programs that empower First Nations young people.

AFL SportsReady’s Warumilang Program specialises in providing education, training, and employment opportunities in various industries. Designed to empower and support young First Nations people in pursuing their education and kicking career goals.

Through the program, AFL SportsReady aims to create pathways and opportunities for people to develop valuable skills, gain qualifications, and kickstart careers. The program offers a range of services, including mentoring, cultural support, education and training, and employment opportunities.

Here are a few success stories from the Warumilang Program:

1. Traineeships Open Doors

“I would recommend it to any young person, even if they are undecided about their career path.”Read more

2. Alumni Receives Prestigious Scholarship

“I feel incredibly grateful for my traineeship! It particularly helped with my maturity, working with accredited professionals in a busy and large workplace,” – Read more

3. Proud Mum of Three First Nations Trainees

“I can’t stress enough how much I and my kids have been supported throughout this journey. We are guided by three incredibly passionate people who put in everything so the kids can leave the traineeship with real outcomes…”Read more

4. Connection, Culture & Learning New Skills

“I find it to be extremely beneficial to have an educational component running alongside practical work. I have been able to apply what I have learnt at work.”  – Read more

5. Creative Industries Traineeship Inspires New Roles

“It’s an amazing opportunity and something that’s really beneficial in your career. Make sure you ask lots of questions to the educators and mentors because they are there to help and guide you and you can build strong relationships with them – not just professional but personally as well. Obviously for me building that relationship with Ralph has landed me in the position I am in today.”Read more

6. Personal Growth for the Win!

Layla recommends completing a traineeship for anyone who is unsure of their career path or looking for an opportunity to upskill and gain work experience. – Read more

7. Mason’s Epic Experience at Melbourne Football Club

Being a massive footy head himself. This role with the Melbourne Football Club is everything Mason has dreamed of and more. He believes without his traineeship he wouldn’t be working in the AFL industry today. –  Read more

8. Finding a Sense of Purpose and Security

“It gives me confidence and reassurance to know for a year I have a job” Read more

With over 29 years of experience providing quality job opportunities and launching the careers of thousands of young Australians. AFL SportsReady offers diverse and thrilling opportunities that could take your career to the next level.
Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking to take it in a new direction, AFL SportsReady has something to offer. With a commitment to quality training and support, you can be sure that you’ll have the tools you need to succeed.
So why wait? Kickstart your career today by exploring available Traineeships.

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