From Rookie to Recruiter: Chenile’s Success Story

From Rookie to Recruiter: Chenile’s Success Story

Chenile Chandler, a proud Wurundjeri woman, has come full circle in her career journey, transitioning from a rookie to a recruiter. After being uncertain about her career path after high school, she took on a traineeship with AFL SportsReady as the Reception/Administration Assistant (at Netball Australia). Which provided her with valuable work experience and helped her earn Certificate III in Business.

Today, she is the recruitment coordinator at AFL SportsReady, a role that reflects her dedication, passion, and hard work. Her journey has been full of twists and turns, but her traineeship has played a significant role in shaping her career.

“It showed me that I was capable of succeeding. My traineeship helped me learn the expectations of working full time in a team environment. Having my qualification and experience from the AFLSR traineeship definitely helped in gaining full time employment with a federal agency.”

During her traineeship, Chenile developed her skills in business administration, events coordination and customer service.

Her experience helped her gain stable employment with a federal agency after her traineeship ended. She credits her traineeship with showing her what to expect in a full-time work environment and setting her up for success.

“I think an AFLSR traineeship is the best way to gain valuable work experience for not only further employment opportunities but for yourself to get a taste of a particular industry you might be interested in, whilst working towards a qualification allowed me time to consider what I wanted to do after school instead of rushing into a university degree that I later found wasn’t for me.”

Since then, Chenile has explored various industries. Including working as an EA, data analyst, and engagement officer. Before finding her way back to AFL SportsReady as a Recruitment Coordinator.

Chenile is an accomplished singer, performing in her traditional language, Woiwurrung Ngulu (language), at major events across Victoria. Chenile even recently performed at the 2023 AFL SportsReady Victorian Graduation ceremony.

“I’m also a singer, performing in my Woiwurrung Ngulu (language) at major events such as AFL Grand Finals, the Australian Open, and to open for Ed Sheeran at his concerts March 2023. I’m also a model, presenter, actor and keen netballer currently a training partner with VNL Club Melbourne University Lightning. It’s fair to say I have a bit going on.”

“Consider and try all options, that’s the only way you’ll truly know what’s best suited for you. Changing the pathway you head down is not failure.”

Chenile’s story is an inspiring reminder that success comes in many forms. Exploring your interests and passions can lead you down unexpected paths. For Chenile, her traineeship with AFL SportsReady provided a foundation for her career, and she’s excited about what’s next.

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