Connection, Culture & Learning New Skills

Connection, Culture & Learning New Skills

Hi, my name is Eliza and I am the social media trainee at AFL SportsReady. This is the second blog of the series, “Connection, Culture & Learning New Skills”. Providing insight into the experience of a young person completing a traineeship.

Eliza is a social media trainee

Since writing my last blog, so much has already changed. I have gradually become more comfortable in my role and my place within the marketing team. This comfort has enabled me to find the confidence to actively participate in the workplace. Including in the office, online meetings and educational tutorials.

Over the past few weeks, I have dedicated a significant amount of time to learning how to interview and article writing. Writing is something that I am extremely passionate about and have always loved to do. It was a large reason why I chose to try a social media traineeship, as opposed to something that would align with what I was studying at University.

My first article-writing experience was when the marketing team visited the St Kilda Football Club. Where we were tasked with collecting as much content as possible and interviewing current/former AFL SportsReady trainees. It was an extremely enjoyable but challenging day for me. I had to quickly learn how to be comfortable interviewing (which is something I have never been good at). I found it just as challenging to actually write the article. But with a lot of guidance and support, I was able to produce something I was proud of.

I recently commenced the education component of my Traineeship, through AFL SportsReady Education. Where I have begun to complete my Certificate III in Business, which will continue over the duration of the next year. Attending my first workshop was extremely daunting. I was unsure of what to expect and was pre-emptive about being back in a classroom (even if it was online).

From my very first class, I immediately fell back into the routine of school and quickly realised that being in the familiar environment of a classroom was something I would enjoy.

I find it to be extremely beneficial to have an educational component running alongside practical work. I have been able to apply what I have learnt at work. It’s giving me a better understanding of the processes that I’m undertaking every day in the office.

When I had just started to settle into my role and establish a daily routine. I was thrown into my first-ever conference. Where I spent three intensive days connecting with staff members, deepening my understanding of AFL SportsReady as an organisation and most of all having fun. I was terrified and felt extremely overwhelmed on the first day because I was stranded in a room full of new faces. But as the conference progressed, I realised that most staff members were in the same boat as me and were just as apprehensive as I was.

We were given many opportunities to network and connect with everyone, which helped me to form new friendships and strengthen my current ones. The conference and all of my experiences in the past month have largely shaped my attitude going forward. That I need to be more confident and less apprehensive when trying something new.

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Images: Eliza with AFL SportsReady’s Social Media & Content Coordinator, Marissa & AFL SportsReady’s National Marketing Manager, Fiona.

Eliza with other trainees at 2022 AFL SportsReady Conference at Marvel Stadium.

This series includes current and former trainees demonstrating the benefits of the traineeship program, and how this pathway allows them to follow their passions.

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