Trainee’s Journey Leads to Self-Confidence

Trainee’s Journey Leads to Self-Confidence

In her fourth blog, Eliza, the Social Media Trainee at AFL SportsReady, reflects on her journey and the transformative impact of her traineeship. She highlights the multitude of opportunities and connections she has gained, shaping her professional skills and boosting her overall confidence. From hands-on experience in content creation and event coverage to acquiring valuable digital marketing skills.

Eliza’s traineeship has empowered her to flourish both personally and professionally within a supportive environment. The networking opportunities have broadened her horizons and set the stage for future success.

[Image: Sab and Eliza – Social Media/ Content Team]

Hi, my name is Eliza and I am the social media trainee at AFL SportsReady. This is the fourth blog of the series, where I provide an insight into the experience of a young person completing a traineeship.

It’s quite surreal to find myself three-quarters of the way through my traineeship. Reflecting on my journey so far. I can’t believe how many opportunities I have been given and all of the incredible connections I’ve made. Little did I know nine months ago, that taking on a traineeship would have such a large impact on my life. Shaping not only my skills but also boosting my overall confidence. The challenges, the wins, and the personal growth I have had throughout my traineeship have made my experience rewarding. The role pushes me out of my comfort zone and helps me flourish both personally and professionally.

[Image: Eliza and Ally – Trainees]

Being a part of AFL SportsReady and the incredible Marketing Team has truly transformed my confidence.

I’ve been part of such a supportive workplace over the past 9 months. It’s amazing how this environment has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

I’ve found my voice and have gained the courage to speak up, contribute my unique perspective, and make a meaningful impact on projects.

[Image: AFL SportsReady Team Members]

One of the most impactful aspects of my role as the AFL SportsReady First Nation’s Social Media Trainee has been the hands-on experience it provided me. Alongside my supervisor Sabina, I have had the opportunity to produce a range of content for our Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. A  main highlight was visiting Marvel Stadium, where we captured a variety of content for Trainee of the Year.
A month or so later we returned to the stadium for the AFL SportsReady 2023 Victorian Graduation Ceremony. Which was an event the Marketing Team and Graduation Committee (I am a part of both) had been tirelessly planning for months.
The atmosphere was so incredible and the event was a huge success. Both Sabina and I took so many photos and videos – that have since been turned into a bunch of social media posts and website articles.

Some other invaluable skills I’ve acquired over the past few months have been in the realm of digital marketing. In addition to creating engaging content, I’ve delved into the world of building ads.

Using Meta Business Suite – Ads Manager to promote events, Traineeship opportunities and stories. I have also spent countless hours with my team, workshopping and learning how to update and maintain our website.
This process has exposed me to basic coding practices and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which are prime digital marketing skills.

[Image: AFL SportsReady Team Members and Melbourne Storm Player Christian Welch]

My traineeship has also helped me with networking within the AFL SportsReady community. I’ve been exposed to a range of professionals and different industries. This has broadened my perspective, provided valuable insights and opened doors for new opportunities.
Overall, actively seeking connections and nurturing relationships within AFL SportsReady has not only enriched my traineeship experience but also paved the way for lasting friendships and a stronger professional network.

[Image: Chief Executive Officer of The Killara Foundation Kyle Vander-Kuyp, Eliza and AFL SportsReady Mentor Ralph White]

By completing a traineeship I have been able to explore my passion for Marketing which also empowered me to develop a strong skill set that will undoubtedly contribute to my future success.

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