Eliza’s Traineeship: A Year of Industry Insights

Eliza’s Traineeship: A Year of Industry Insights

In her final blog, Eliza, First Nations Social Media Trainee at AFL SportsReady, reflects on her journey over the past year and the positive impact of her traineeship. She highlights the multitude of opportunities and connections she has gained, shaping her professional skills and boosting her overall confidence. From hands-on experience in content creation and event coverage to acquiring valuable digital marketing skills.

Eliza’s traineeship has empowered her to flourish both personally and professionally within a supportive environment. The networking opportunities have broadened her horizons and set the stage for future success.

As I reflect on the past year, a whirlwind of experiences, challenges, and triumphs come to mind. Being the AFL SportsReady (AFLSR) First Nations Social Media Trainee has been a journey that has enriched my skills, broadened my horizons, and connected me with incredible individuals. The final months of my traineeship brought a flurry of tasks, deadlines, and emotions.

Navigating this hectic period was a test of all the skills I had acquired throughout the year. A culmination of lessons, proving that I was ready to take on whatever came my way.

The best part of my traineeship was the people I worked with and all of the learning opportunities they gave me. I am extremely grateful to have had such an incredible team. Who from the very outset, made me feel extremely welcome and treated me like a valuable member of the team. The marketing team consists of 3 other people and every single one of them took the time to workshop with me. Ensuring that I was continuously learning throughout the year and getting exposure to as many elements of Marketing as possible.

Being part of my first major marketing campaign, ‘The Schools Campaign’, over the past few months has definitely been a highlight. Our team co-ordinated a series of activities and strategies designed to promote our Schools Program, in preparation for the 2024 Trainee intake. Our campaign involved a mix of advertising, content creation, social media, and other marketing tactics to achieve our specific goals. Such as creating new partnerships and increasing overall brand awareness.

We launched our 2023 Schools Campaign, by hosting a lunchtime forum ‘From passion to profession: kick-starting teacher pathways for young people’. Where we discussed the future of work, social and emotional learning, and the impact of AFL SportsReady’s Schools program. This event presented a fantastic opportunity for people within the education ecosystem to take a break from their regular school routine. In order to connect with industry professionals and learn about key developments and opportunities.

Seeing a campaign evolve from brainstorming sessions to its full execution was nothing short of fascinating.

Throughout my traineeship, I’ve not only grown professionally, but I have been able to deepen my cultural understanding. As a First Nations employee, I had not anticipated there would be opportunities to learn more about my culture. One of these great opportunities was touring Essendon Football Club to learn more about the club’s culture. Also taking part in celebrating Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week with the AFLSR Staff. These activities were mostly facilitated by my mentor Ralph White, who showed me endless support throughout my traineeship and always encouraged me to make the most out of it.

Completing the educational component of my traineeship was a milestone that I couldn’t have achieved without the unwavering support of my field officer, Yvonne, and educator, Matt. Their support was extremely beneficial during my traineeship and was an integral part of my success. Not just in my studies, but in the practical aspects of my role.

I had no idea what to expect when I started my traineeship and I really didn’t know if Marketing was a career path I wanted to pursue. Never would I have imagined that I would be so lucky to work with such an amazing team and be a part of so many incredible experiences in such a short time!

I will be continuing my journey at AFLSR, as I have been offered the opportunity to take on another traineeship part-time.  In a new role as the First Nations Marketing Trainee, I will be completing a Certificate IV in Business.

I’m really looking forward to continuing to be surrounded by a team who all have years of industry experience, for another year. It is not often that you get a chance to jump headfirst into an industry and fully immerse yourself.

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Eliza’s Traineeship: A Year of Industry Insights

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