Warumilang Program Alumni Success Stories

Warumilang Program Alumni Success Stories

We celebrate and acknowledge the success of programs that empower First Nations young people.

[Image: Alumni Bonnie – Amazing and Deadly]

AFL SportsReady’s Warumilang Program specialises in providing education, training, and employment opportunities in various industries. It is designed to empower and support young First Nations people in pursuing their education and kicking career goals.

Through the program, AFL SportsReady aims to create pathways and opportunities for people to develop valuable skills, gain qualifications, and kick-start careers. The program offers a range of services, including mentoring, cultural support, education and training, and employment opportunities.

Here are a few success stories from the Warumilang Program Alumni:

1. Amazing and Deadly

“Working at the Cathy Freeman Foundation was amazing, meeting all the community and working with the youth, I definitely felt like I was back home in my community working with my family…” – Read more

2. Inspiring Diversity and Unlocking Opportunities

In his role as the Diversity Coordinator, Braidyn completed a Certificate III in Business, which has since paved the way for his current position as a Multicultural Development Officer at Hawthorn Football Club.Read more

3. What a Difference a Year Can Make

“Completing a Traineeship at ANZ bank has changed the trajectory of my life! It has helped me gain the confidence to continue to set career goals for myself and a desire to continue to accomplish things…” – Read more

4. Rising in Recreation

From the moment Elleanne began her AFL SportsReady Traineeship, she found herself in an environment that exceeded her expectations. The opportunity to work within a dynamic sports and recreation center enabled her to explore various facets of the industry. – Read more

5. Eliza’s Traineeship: A Year of Industry Insights

“Throughout my traineeship, I’ve not only grown professionally, but I have been able to deepen my cultural understanding. As a First Nations employee, I had not anticipated there would be opportunities to learn more about my culture…”  – Read more

6. 2023 First Nations Trainee of the Year Award Winners

These First Nations trainees have conquered the challenges, rocked their on-the-job experience, and emerged as winners in their fields. It’s an honour to acknowledge their hard work and dedication as they receive their well-deserved qualifications and gear up for exciting new adventures. – Read more

7. Embracing Opportunity and Passion

“Playing footy and loving Collingwood just made sense as to why I felt the need to start a Traineeship. AFL SportsReady were there for me during personal and challenging times…”–  Read more

8. Trainee’s Journey Leads to Self-Confidence

“My traineeship has also helped me with networking within the AFL SportsReady community. I’ve been exposed to a range of professionals and different industries. This has broadened my perspective, provided valuable insights and opened doors for new opportunities…” Read more

With over 29 years of experience providing quality job opportunities and launching the careers of thousands of young Australians. AFL SportsReady offers diverse and thrilling opportunities that could take your career to the next level.
Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking to take it in a new direction, AFL SportsReady has something to offer. With a commitment to quality training and support, you can be sure that you’ll have the tools you need to succeed.
So why wait? Kickstart your career today by exploring available Traineeships.

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