Rising in Recreation

Rising in Recreation

In the pursuit of personal and professional development, Elleanne McLennan embarked on a new journey as a First Nations Trainee at Swan Active Beechboro. The traineeship has provided her with a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation, shaping her into a versatile and confident professional.

“My experience…. has been beyond eye-opening…”

From the moment Elleanne began her AFL SportsReady Traineeship, she found herself in an environment that exceeded her expectations. The opportunity to work within a dynamic sports and recreation centre enabled her to explore various facets of the industry. Through a diverse range of responsibilities, Elleanne gained valuable insights that have strengthened her skill set and expanded her horizons.

One of the most striking aspects of Elleanne’s journey has been the array of roles she undertook during her Traineeship. From managing the café to efficiently handling reception duties, her engagement with different areas of Swan Active Beechboro has been instrumental in her growth. The multifaceted nature of her role has also seen her evolve into roles she might not have initially envisioned for herself. Umpiring basketball games, transitioning into a coaching role and even taking on the responsibilities of a lifeguard on the pool deck. All showcasing her adaptability and commitment to personal growth.

What sets Swan Active Beechboro apart is not only the breadth of experience it offers. But also the supportive and encouraging atmosphere fostered by its staff.

Interactions with her colleagues have been marked by kindness and collaboration. Whenever faced with uncertainty, Elleanne found herself surrounded by colleagues eager to assist and guide her. This supportive environment enhanced her learning and reinforced her belief that growth is a collective team effort.

Elleanne’s journey serves as an inspiring testament to the potential that AFL SportsReady Traineeships offer to individuals passionate about sports, recreation and personal development. The rich learning environment provided by the team at Swan Active is a perfect match for those who seek to explore the world of sport and recreation. Fostering growth not only as professionals but also as individuals.

“If you… love hands-on tasks I highly recommend doing your Traineeship at Swan Active”

Her Traineeship has been an invaluable platform for cultivating diverse skills. Adapting to new challenges and developing a strong foundation for a successful career. For those aspiring to follow in her footsteps, Traineeships offer a comprehensive and supportive environment to thrive in sports and recreation.

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