Embracing Opportunity and Passion

Embracing Opportunity and Passion

    Introducing AFLSR Alumni, Nathan King: Embracing Opportunity and Passion with AFL SportsReady

    Meet Nathan King, a proud Gunditjmara and Bundjalung man whose traineeship journey with AFL SportsReady has changed his life. His love for sports and the Collingwood Football Club led him to AFL SportsReady, where he discovered guidance, support and a platform for personal and professional growth.

    Fresh out of high school, Nathan was unsure about his future path and available opportunities. However, his passion for footy drove him to join AFL SportsReady as a First Nations Trainee. During his time at the Collingwood Football Club in the Community Engagement Team, he responded to community enquiries and handled various tasks. Time spent with both CFC and AFLSR. He also experienced and assisted with the tasks like building a national database.

    Reflecting on his decision, Nathan explains:

    “Playing footy and loving Collingwood just made sense as to why I felt the need to start a Traineeship. AFL SportsReady were there for me during personal and challenging times.”

    AFL SportsReady’s unwavering support was a standout aspect of Nathan’s traineeship. They not only provided him with valuable skills but also served as a pillar of encouragement. This support set a high standard for Nathan’s future career.

    Equipped with newfound confidence, Nathan learned to tackle professional challenges head-on. Reflecting on his journey, he offers valuable advice to young graduates: avoid idleness, embrace opportunities and explore new avenues. By doing so, they can develop essential skills and unleash their true potential.

    “My Traineeship helped me develop the confidence to take on the world in a professional sense.”

    Nathan’s dedication propelled him into university studies, where he aims to push the boundaries of his psychology studies in Canberra. Encouraged by his former AFL SportsReady manager, Traci McCormack, he found the confidence to pursue psychology.

    Since completing his Traineeship and Certificate III in Business in 2014, Nathan has set his sights on making a meaningful impact in the field.

    His journey demonstrates the opportunities that arise when passion meets support.

    Nathan’s traineeship journey with AFL SportsReady showcases the transformative power of guidance and support. Through unwavering assistance, he not only gained essential skills but also discovered his true potential and passion.

    His story serves as an inspiration, highlighting the incredible personal and professional growth traineeships offer. With AFL SportsReady’s support and Nathan’s determination, a bright and promising future awaits him on the path to success.

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