Trainee Carries the Bat

Trainee Carries the Bat

We met Supervisor John to discuss how Liam has taken on various roles and responsibilities displaying unwavering commitment and adaptability.

The Traineeship has provided him with a diverse range of experiences and this article explores Liam’s journey, highlights the invaluable contribution made and the lessons learned along the way.

Just like a batsman who carries the bat, Liam’s dedication and perseverance have left an indelible mark on the Queensland Cricket Organisation.

Can you tell us a little bit about your role as the Cricket Operations Manager, including the different aspects that you manage?

Cricket Operations Manager (John) [Pictured above on the right]:

My role has four parts to it. Firstly, I oversee operations for community cricket, which includes strategy, deliverables, and reviewing efficiencies around our documents and operations to track and measure progress. Secondly, I manage the diversity and inclusion team, along with marketing, community-specific storytelling, and grant processes. Thirdly, I oversee Liam (Trainee), who supports the data and system as we move from one competition management system to the new one. Finally, systems and data report into my area, which is where Liam comes along with this project.

Why did you decide to take on a Trainee, and how has it impacted your workplace?

Cricket Operations Manager (John):

We identified a resource that was required to fill a gap in what we were trying to do. However, we have also had some really good success with the AFL SportsReady in the past couple of years.

One of our current area managers came through as a Trainee, along with two or three other current staff members who went through the Traineeship and a couple of past staff that have come through and gone on to do good things.

Having a Trainee has been massive for us, especially due to the project we were going through. If we didn’t have Liam and the work he was doing, the person in charge of the transition project would have struggled. Additionally, Liam has helped out with some on-ground stuff during the summer season when everyone is busy running their programs. Having the extra person really helped, and Liam has been a good member of the team too.

What has been your experience as a manager, and how has having a Trainee improved your workplace?

Cricket Operations Manager (John):

I prefer having a Trainee because it allows us to build a job and service the area in need without having to keep one eye on it all the time. As long as we provide support and guidance for the Trainee, the work is getting done. This is a better outcome for us, and I also think it’s a better outcome for the person because they can experience a lot more with their time, and it’s just a bit more consistent.

Have you noticed any personal and professional growth with your Trainee, Liam?

Cricket Operations Manager (John):

It was quite refreshing that Liam had a really good attitude, and he knew he wanted to work in sports, and that comes with taking some time out of hours. It’s great that we can just give him a framework and a bit of direction, and he was just quite happy to have a crack. If he had any issues, he could come and ask.

What assistance or guidance does Liam receive from AFL Sports Ready?

Trainee (Liam) [Pictured above and below with Supporting Fieldie – Jordan Morrison]:

The AFL Sports Ready team provides me with general support and assistance with the certification. I also know that the team is there for me, both personally and professionally, and they are really friendly and helpful with any assessment questions that I have.

Why did you decide to do a Traineeship?

Trainee (Liam):

I’ve always been interested in sports and had previously done some outside study on it and really enjoyed it, so I thought trying to get a foot in the door with an organisation. An opportunity came up for QLD Cricket, and I applied. Yes, I was extremely nervous during the interview process because I wanted the role so much, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to get it.

How has your host employer supported you during your Traineeship?

Trainee (Liam):

They’ve been really good, more than I could have asked for. Right from the start, I knew my role would be quite flexible, so I’d have the opportunity to work across different departments and learn all aspects of the business.

And they have really delivered on that. Particularly in a Trainee role, it’s great to gain exposure in all areas.

What do you do on a daily basis?

Trainee (Liam):

It fluctuates from June last year to now where I’ve done a bit of systems and data elements with our “My Cricket” rollover, on-ground stuff for the Heat, some admin for that, “All Abilities” work as well as general admin tasks and getting out to schools and clubs.

Do you enjoy getting out?

Trainee (Liam):

Yeah, breaking it up and getting out of the office has been great.

Tell us what you think you’ll take away from the Traineeship.

Trainee (Liam):

I guess getting an idea of what I like, what I don’t like, and having the support and opportunity to experience different areas.

What’s your favourite part of your Traineeship so far?

Trainee (Liam):

Two things: working on Heat games, a really cool experience getting to go out onto the ground in front of 25k people, and the T20 World Cup, doing all the operational stuff and the stuff the fans don’t see and don’t realise actually happens behind the scenes and what it takes to make it happen.

How did you find out about the Traineeship?

Trainee (Liam):

Through AFL SportsReady’s website. I just jumped on there. I was looking for roles in the AFL, and it comes up on the website. And I found the role on the AFL SportsReady jobs board.

Would you recommend a Traineeship to another young person?

Trainee (Liam):

Absolutely, yes. It’s a really good opportunity for anyone, particularly when you get a really good host. It can be really beneficial.

Finally, Liam, why did you decide to do a Traineeship, and how has your host employer supported you during your Traineeship?

Trainee (Liam):

I have always been interested in sports and had previously done some outside study related to it. I thought that getting a foot in the door with an organisation would be an excellent opportunity for me. During my Traineeship, my host employer has been really good and more than I could have asked for. Right from the interview process, they made me feel comfortable and were willing to answer any questions I had.

Additionally, I have had the opportunity to work with some great people and learn a lot about business operations.

Would you recommend the AFL SportsReady program to other organisations?

Cricket Operations Manager (John):

Yes, without a doubt. If we have a role pop up tomorrow, it’s a lot easier to transition someone who brings knowledge or passion, and it’s a great pathway. They get to experience the business and determine if it’s for them or not. The business also benefits because they’ve gained a resource to offset areas they might be missing. From a Trainee’s perspective, it’s a great opportunity for someone who is new to an industry to get the experience and understanding of what a business looks for in a person and how they run, but also to get a foot in the door.

Liam has been able to work in various departments of the Queensland Cricket Organisation. This has given the Trainee the opportunity to learn all aspects of the business, which is a great benefit for someone who is new to an industry.

The Traineeship has given Liam the opportunity to carry the bat for many areas of the Queensland Cricket Organisation and gain valuable experience in various roles. His flexibility and adaptability allowed him to excel in their role and learn as much as possible during their Traineeship.

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