The Voice to Parliament Statement

The Voice to Parliament Statement


The AFL SportsReady Board accepts the invitation from the Uluru Statement from the Heart and proudly supports constitutional recognition for First Nations Australians through a Voice to Parliament.

For over twenty years, AFL SportsReady have been working with First Nations peoples to develop meaningful career pathways. First Nations peoples make invaluable contributions at all levels in our organisation from our Board through to our trainees. We are proud to say the work we do supports more First Nations peoples to provide that same value to employers around the country through our traineeship and employment pathways.

We stand alongside our First Nations Board Directors, staff, trainees and partners to say you deserve to be heard and recognised.

As a Board and ally, we want to show our support and publicly demonstrate our approach to amplifying and listening to First Nations voices. We as a Board accept the invitation from the Uluru Statement from the Heart to support a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

We believe this reform is another step in a movement toward a better future for all Australians.

AFL SportsReady encourages all our young people, host employers and partners. To learn more and support a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart

History is calling.
Explore the statement and take action.

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