Top 11 Movies that Motivate Mentors

Top 11 Movies that Motivate Mentors


Have you had years of experience in the workforce and maybe loads of knowledge you’d like to pass on to someone…

Remember what it was like when you were brand new, new to work or fresh to new to certain tasks?

When it comes to movies, you’ve probably already nailed at least 5 that come to mind when mentors play a massive role in a person’s life. When you think of these films, they all build on a common thread of the importance of a mentor’s role in relation to an individual’s journey.

Motivated mentors may not need to watch a heap of flicks to get inspired, but in case you want to be reminded of the influence you can have, we’ve put together a list to reignite memories and why we all need guidance at points in our lives.

Top 11 Movies That Might Motivate you to Mentor

Lights, camera, inspiration! Movies have the power to ignite our passions and encourage us to make a difference. In this article, we dive into a curated list of films that can ignite a spark within you, encouraging people to get inspired and harness their potential to become mentors themselves. Get ready to be motivated by the power of storytelling!

   1. The Karate Kid – Mr Miyagi and The Karate Kid

“The Karate Kid” offers a classic portrayal of mentorship, with Mr. Miyagi taking on the role of guide to the Daniel. Unconventional teaching methods lead to martial arts mastery, but more importantly, life-changing lessons are imparted. This movie showcases the transformative nature of mentorship and underscores the significance of finding a guiding presence in one’s life.

   2. Kung Fu Panda – Master Shifu & Master Po

In the heartwarming animated tale “Kung Fu Panda,” mentorship plays a pivotal role as Master Shifu mentors the unlikely hero, Po, in the art of kung fu. This story highlights the profound impact a great mentor can have, instilling confidence and unlocking hidden talents to pave the way for greatness.

   3. Star Wars  – Yoda & Luke Skywalker (The Empire Strikes Back)

The epic space saga “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” showcases mentorship through the relationship between Jedi Master Yoda and the hero, Luke Skywalker. Yoda’s guidance imparts wisdom and helps Luke uncover his true potential, emphasising the importance of mentorship in navigating one’s journey.

   4. The Mighty Ducks – Gordon Bombay & The Mighty Ducks

“The Mighty Ducks” warms hearts as Coach Gordon Bombay transforms a group of misfit kids into a great hockey team. Beyond hockey skills, Bombay instils confidence, teamwork and personal growth. This movie exemplifies the power of mentorship in nurturing potential and achieving success on and off the ice.

   5. Harry Potter Series – Professor Dumbledore & Harry Potter

Within the magical realm of the Harry Potter series, Professor Dumbledore serves as a wise and caring mentor to the wizard, Harry Potter. His guidance imparts lessons in bravery, resilience and the importance of love, showcasing the impact of mentorship in a magical world.

   6. Mary Poppins- Mary Poppins & Michael and Jane Banks

In the enchanting “Mary Poppins,” the magical nanny becomes a guiding figure for the Banks children, Michael and Jane. Through whimsical adventures and firm yet caring guidance, Mary Poppins imparts valuable life lessons, ignites wonder and fosters family connections.

   7. Spiderman Series – Uncle Ben & Peter Parker

In the Spider-Man series, the relationship between Peter Parker and Uncle Ben emphasises family mentorship. Uncle Ben’s wisdom serves as a moral compass, guiding Peter to use his powers responsibly. His mentorship inspires Peter to become a hero who protects the innocent and fights for justice.

   8. Rocky – Mickey Goldmill & Rocky Balboa

In the iconic film “Rocky,” mentorship takes center stage as the boxing trainer, Mickey Goldmill, guides the underdog fighter, Rocky Balboa. Through his tough-love approach. Mickey moulds Rocky into a champion boxer, teaching him discipline, determination and belief in his own abilities. Their mentorship demonstrates the importance of guidance in unlocking the potential of individuals, to rise above their circumstances and achieve greatness.

   9. Pinocchio – Jiminy Cricket & Pinocchio

The classic tale of “Pinocchio” embodies mentorship in the form of Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio’s conscience and guide. Jiminy’s unwavering support and valuable advice teach Pinocchio about honesty, bravery, and making good choices, emphasising the transformative power of guidance.

   10. Almost Famous – Lester Bangs & William Miller

In “Almost Famous,” mentorship takes shape through the relationship between rock critic Lester Bangs and aspiring journalist William Miller. Lester’s guidance empowers William to stay true to his passion and uncompromising in his writing, highlighting the impact of experienced mentors on talent.

   11. In “The Devil Wears Prada. Miranda Priestly, serves as the mentor to, Andy Sachs,

“The Devil Wears Prada” features Miranda Priestly, a formidable fashion editor, who becomes an unexpected mentor to Andy Sachs, an aspiring journalist. Miranda’s demanding guidance leads to newfound confidence and determination in Andy. Their mentorship demonstrates the transformative power of challenging experiences and lessons learned from a demanding mentor.

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