Former Students Back-to-School as Trainees

Former Students Back-to-School as Trainees

Do good times at school ring a bell?

Former Students going Back-to-School as Trainees might sound like a dream for many and an absolute nightmare for some. School is a hub of memories and life experiences for a heap of students. Maybe you really enjoyed school and thrived within the community, if this was the case, the idea of going back to a school environment might sound really great!

Back-at-School as Trainees

If you’re struggling with ideas on what career move to make, we’ve listed a heap of first-hand stories for you to check out. We’ve gathered several experiences from Trainees, that may inspire you to kick-start your plan.

Traineeships at schools offer you the opportunity to gain skills and experiences while also providing time to reflect and focus on what you really want to do next.

Find out how Former students Fare Back-to-School as Trainees

1. Being a former student at the school

After completing year 12, Jacob was offered a traineeship in the Sports Department and studied a Certificate III in… – read more

2. Georgina is close in age with the students

“…seeing how she relates to them is really interesting and something I try to do more of. It just is great to have this young, vibrant, amazing person working in this space. Her passion and energy rubs off on all of us…” – read more

3. Trainees help keep departments running

“What we get out of the program is incredibly valuable to our school community and what the trainees get out of the program is truly indispensable.” read more

4. Sophie gained full-time employment

“It just seemed like the perfect thing to do in a gap year, especially when travelling was out of the question.” – read more

5. A valuable experience

“…Josh, got a job right away as a Teacher’s Assistant and that’s because he had that important experience working with kids in a school.” – read more

6. Reaffirmed his passion

“Sport is simply what I love. It is a part of my life. I took the Traineeship on because I saw an opportunity to learn and grow in a field, I am passionate about and so far…” – read more

7. Exceptional set of IT skills

“The IT traineeship gives the trainee knowledge of the inner workings of an IT department…” – read more


Traineeships are paid, employment and education training programs that give you a nationally recognised qualification. They are usually full-time, but can also be part-time or school-based. If you’d like to find out more and a place to submit an expression of interest at this link.

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