Jono’s Journey with AFL Victoria

Jono’s Journey with AFL Victoria

Jonathan “Jono” Perilli’s path to success unfolds in the world of AFL Victoria – Community, where his traineeship journey with AFL SportsReady has become a great start for his aspirations. Armed with determination and a Certificate III in Business. Jono shares insights into his experience, from working on AFL Victoria’s website to managing media aspects of prominent events like the Herald Sun Shield.

AFL Victoria

Jono’s traineeship is more than just a job.

It’s valuable education that provides hands-on experiences that he believes are unmatched. With an eagerness to secure a solid foundation for his career. Jono expresses confidence in choosing the traineeship path, affirming it has been a great way to excel in the AFL industry.

“I really wanted to get a good leg up for my career. I know I definitely made the right choice in choosing to take on a traineeship.

My traineeship has been awesome! I have had so many great experiences and moments, worked with some classy people, who have been so welcoming!”

A pivotal aspect of Jono’s success story is his relationship with John O’Donohue, his host employer. Jono describes John as not just a mentor but a caring guide who ensured that his transition into the office was smooth.

Grateful for the learning opportunities, Jono acknowledges the invaluable lessons imparted by John, who has played a pivotal role in his professional development.

[Photo: “AFL staff were invited to a sneak peek of the brand new Stadium Square at Marvel, which involved this photo op with the Premiership cup, which was pretty awesome, felt honoured to hold something the Hawks will hold up in a years time haha” – Jono]

In his role, Jono manages AFL Victoria’s website.

A task that involves the careful coordination of stories, running maintenance and ensuring compliance with forms and policies.

His responsibilities also extend to the exciting realm of AFL events, where he handled the assignment of umpires for Half-Time Auskick. Jono’s role showcases the diverse and multifaceted nature of his traineeship, providing him with a well-rounded understanding of the sports industry.

“I manage AFL Victoria’s website and occasionally put out stories, and run maintenance. I also work alongside the Country and Metro Leagues to ensure right forms and policies are in. I also handled the assignment of Umpires for Half-Time Auskick!”

Jono’s enthusiasm reaches its peak when he reflects on his media management role during the Herald Sun Shield. This experience allowed him to shine as a key contact, managing the media side of things and contributing significantly to the success of the event.

This exposure has fueled Jono’s aspirations to work in the media department of the AFL or AFL Victoria. Illustrating the impact of a well-structured traineeship.

“I would LOVE to work in the AFL or AFL Victoria in the Media department for sure.”

Acknowledging the exceptional support from his field officer. Michael “Mick” Caruso, Jono emphasises the importance of clear communication and guidance in navigating the workforce.
He praises Mick for his unwavering assistance, answering questions about pay and providing overall support throughout his traineeship.

“My field officer Mick has been exceptional with communication! Always happy to help and answer any of my questions about pay, and the overall workforce.”

Jono’s story resonates with the belief that a traineeship is not just a job but a dream opportunity. Through his time at AFL Victoria. He has gained more experience than many university courses could offer at his age. Jono’s family has been a pillar of support, also embracing the idea of a traineeship.

His story inspires young individuals considering a traineeship, showcasing the immense potential for growth and future success.

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