Fringe to Finance

Fringe to Finance

Meet Courtney Sumner-Kimlin, a proud Ngarrindjeri, Kaurna, and Arrernte individual making waves in her career as an Administration Assistant. Her journey with AFL SportsReady has been remarkable, paving the way for personal and professional growth. After a hiatus from study post-high school, Courtney found herself at Hungry Jacks.

Eager for change, she started looking into traineeships, a path she always knew was right for her. This quest led her to the Adelaide Fringe, where she secured a traineeship, starting her journey into the professional world.

Courtney’s experience with her Host Employer, the Adelaide Fringe, was nothing short of life-changing.

She fondly describes the team as a second family.

Emphasising the unparalleled support and mentorship she received.

“They honestly want the best for you and will help you get what you need. I’ve had some amazing mentors here,”

Navigating the educational component during the traineeship presented its challenges, especially with the shift to remote learning. However, Courtney found joy in the process, stating,

“I enjoyed studying again. I struggled a little – I found it hard studying at home. But overall, I really enjoyed it all. I’m a very hands-on learner, so this was perfect for me.”

The highlight of Courtney’s traineeship? Undoubtedly, the unwavering support she received.

“The support I was given – I met some amazing people both at ALFSR and Fringe,” she beams.

Through the program, Courtney discovered her capacity for self-assertion.

“I was very shy when I started. I learned to back myself and share my ideas and thoughts,” she admits.

This newfound confidence has become a cornerstone for her success.

Reflecting on the benefits of the traineeship, Courtney acknowledges the groundwork it laid for her professional journey.

“It gave me the groundwork I needed to be successful in the workplace. This experience has boosted my confidence immensely, pushing me out of my comfort zone and providing opportunities for growth and success in unexpected areas,” she shares.

Currently, Courtney works as the Operations and Finance Administrator at Adelaide Fringe. Her studies continue with plans to pursue a Certificate IV in Human Resource Management next year. As she forges ahead, Courtney Sumner-Kimlin stands as a great example of the power traineeships can have on an individual.
Demonstrating so many possibilities that can unfold when someone takes that first step into a traineeship.

Courtney was nominated for AFL SportsReady’s First Nations Trainee of the Year for 2023 and was recently awarded South Australia’s title of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year at the 2023 South Australian Training Awards. ⁠This award took her to Tasmania for the National Awards as a finalist in a lineup of amazing students/ trainees in the same category.

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