Exploring your Options with a Gap Year

Exploring your Options with a Gap Year

Gap Year

Are you thinking about taking a Gap Year after School or Uni and maybe even travelling or taking up some type of regular work?

For many students, a break offers the opportunity to gain skills and experiences while also providing time to reflect and focus on what to do next.

Time off can look different for every young person, whether or not you have been accepted into Uni or TAFE may mean you’ll have to defer. But for most, it means taking a year off between finishing high school and starting further study or training. If you’re unsure what you want to do, taking a Gap Year could be a perfect alternative.

Consider your Gap Year options with these feature stories.

1. Why a Traineeship is the Perfect Thing to do in a Gap Year

“Doing a traineeship in my gap year has really paid off because I discovered what I love to do,” Sophie said. Read more

2. How Taking a Gap Year Opened Up a World of Opportunities

“Although I enjoyed my subjects in high school, I didn’t know what to study in uni just yet. I think to be expected to know what you want to do after you finish high school is not realistic. Having a gap year helped me to organise my thoughts, to explore my interests and at the same time save money and experience full-time work.” Read more

3. How Employing a Gap Year Trainee Can Benefit Your School

Throughout the years results prove that gap year trainees in schools achieve excellent results with 59% of graduates going to University and almost half pursuing a career in teaching. In addition, 22% of trainees in 2018 were employed full-time in the school after completing their traineeship. Read more

4. Benefits of Doing a Traineeship in Your Gap Year

“It’s a dream come true. I get to study the course I want and still be employed with the AFL. This wouldn’t be possible without my traineeship.” Read more

5. Busy School Supported by 5 Trainees

“I think the traineeship is a really great pathway program, especially for those wanting to take a gap year. Our career teachers are great at recognising what students’ needs are and so we highly recommend traineeships to our students who might want to take some time off before further study…” Read more

6. Schools Provide the Best Learning Experience for Trainees

“After school, I didn’t get into the course I wanted, however when  I completed Certificate 4 in Sport Development in my traineeship that meant I got direct entry into University.  I am now studying Sports Management at Deakin University.” Read more

7. From Trainee to Business Development Manager at Manchester United Football Club

“The very first door my traineeship opened for me was the AFL Store and then the second door opened up for me which was the Adelaide Crows…” Read more


A paid, employment and education training program that gives you a nationally recognised qualification. They are usually full-time, but can also be part-time or school-based. To find out more and a place to submit an expression of interest at this link.

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