Tackling a Career in Horticulture

Tackling a Career in Horticulture

In the expansive grounds of Salesian College Sunbury, amidst the sprawling 70 acres governed by the grounds team, Luke Shoesmith finds his passion for horticulture taking root. Graduating in 2019, Luke embarked on a unique path, opting for a traineeship as the first step in his post-schooling adventure. Completing an apprenticeship in Parks and Gardens, his journey has been a series of hands-on experiences.

For Luke, the outdoors was calling, becoming the driving force behind his career choices so far.

“I love being outside… I don’t want to work inside all day every day,” he declares.

His decision-making process was refreshingly straightforward – not focusing on what he wanted but rather on what he didn’t want. This led him down the garden path of parks and horticulture.

Luke’s apprenticeship with AFL SportsReady, specifically the retreat program, became Luke’s gateway to a fulfilling career.

“My experience has been fantastic,” he attests, also highlighting the crucial role of AFL SportsReady Field Officers in providing continuous support and guidance.

This support was pivotal, especially when Luke transitioned from a Cert III in Sport and Recreation to an apprenticeship in Horticulture. Which is a testament to the flexibility and adaptability inherent in traineeships.

His enthusiasm for learning extends beyond the education component of his traineeship, as Luke eagerly embraces the challenges and responsibilities of working full-time. In the vast campus of Salesian College Sunbury, his role in the grounds team involves not only nurturing the green spaces. But, also mastering the operation of equipment, from mowers to chainsaws.

As Luke reflects on his journey, summing up the traineeship: “I would 100% recommend a traineeship.”

For him, it’s not just about completing a qualification; it’s about cultivating a deep-seated passion and acquiring practical skills that extend beyond the classroom.

“My next step is to hopefully finish up my traineeship and continue in my current role at Salesian.”

His path is guided by a love for the outdoors and a commitment to continuous growth. Showcases the power of a traineeship. A journey where every mowed lawn and pruned tree becomes a stepping stone towards a blooming career.

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