What Are Traineeships?

How Do They Work?

What Are Traineeships?


Traineeships are very similar to a regular full-time job and are the best way to get a job in the sports, business or the arts and creative industries.

Starting a career has never been more difficult, with competition for roles steadily rising.  Our traineeships are the most effective way to get your foot in the door and kick-start a career.

Think of a traineeship as a 12-month ‘apprenticeship for the office’, that combines full-time work with a little bit of study. It’s the ideal mix of:

  • Practical experience in the workplace
  • Formal qualification (Certificate II, III, IV and Diploma level)
  • Opportunity to build a network of industry contacts

Our traineeships are primarily aimed at:

  • Both male and females
  • Young Australians aged between 16-21 years old
  • High school students in year 10, 11 or 12
  • Recent high school graduates or leavers
  • Non-indigenous and Indigenous Australians
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse people
  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. HOW DO TRAINEESHIPS WORK?

    For over 20 years we have partnered with the biggest sporting organisations and businesses across Australia.

    These organisations are constantly looking to recruit new talent and we help fill these roles with entry-level applicants. We match our applicants with these organisations, and if they are the right fit for the role, they will work on-site with our partners, gaining essential experience.

    We remain the legal employer and provide all the support services behind the scenes. All trainees are allocated a personal AFL SportsReady staff member to help support and guide them through the traineeship.

    Trainees are allocated up to 3 hours per week to work towards their formal qualification as part of the traineeship.

    Graduates of our program end up with what employers look for most: real-world experience, and a nationally-recognised qualification. This combination of education + employment provides our graduates with a unique skill set that will help kick-start their careers.

    Our traineeship options include:

    • FULL-TIME TRAINEESHIPS: 12 months, Certificate III, IV & Diploma (38 hours a week)
    • PART-TIMETRAINEESHIPS: 2 years, Certificate III, IV & Diploma (min 15 hours per week)
    • SCHOOL-BASED TRAINEESHIPS: 2 Years, Certificate II & III (Working 1 day per week)
  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. WHY WOULD YOU DO A TRAINEESHIP?

    Traineeships are a way to fast-track your career, by enabling you to enter a highly competitive industry and providing you with the skills and experience needed to succeed.

    There are many benefits to completing a traineeship. As a trainee, here is what you get:

    • GET A CAREER: Find your future with a 12-month traineeship (can be part-time or school-based)
    • GET PAID: Earn while you learn (National Training Wage)
    • GET EXPERIENCE: Real work-place experience with one of our partners
    • GET NETWORKED: Build a network of key industry contacts
    • GET EDUCATED: Combine work with study (Certificate III, IV &/or Diploma)
    • GET SUPPORTED: Your personal AFL SportsReady staff member supports you every step of the way
    • GET INTO UNI: Direct entry and course credit to one of our University partners
    • GET A HEAD START: Experience + Education + Key Contacts
  • plus Created with Sketch. minus Created with Sketch. YOU COULD WORK HERE

    While sport will always be part of our DNA, we work with a wide range of organisations across various industries.

    As a trainee, you could find yourself working in the following roles:

    • SPORTING CLUBS: Membership Services Officer /or Community Events
    • RECREATION CENTRES: Customer Services Officer/ or Aquatics and Fitness Trainee
    • HEALTH & FITNESS: Administration Assistant /or Receptionist
    • BUSINESS: Administration Officer /or Accounts Assistant
    • SCHOOLS: Physical Education Assistant /or Administrative Support Officer
    • RETAIL: Sales Assistant /or Styler
    • ARTS & CREATIVE ORGANISATIONS: Marketing Officer /or Administration Assistant
    • GOLF CLUBS: Greenskeeping Apprentice /or Landscaping Apprentice
    • HOSPITALITY: Customer Services Officer /or Food & Beverage Attendant
    • BANKING: Financial Services Trainee /or Service Consultant
    • I.T: Technical Support Officer /or Administrator