Perfect Platform for Self-Discovery

Perfect Platform for Self-Discovery

Meet Emily Cook, AFL SportsReady Alumni, who embraced her career journey through a traineeship at St Francis Catholic College in Melton, Victoria. Unsure about her path after graduating high school, Emily snapped up the chance to become a PE/Sports Trainee while working towards a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation.

A traineeship turned out to be a perfect platform and a major game-changer for Emily. It ignited the spark in her career story, demonstrating that even when you’re uncertain about the next step, exciting opportunities unfold when you’re open to giving a traineeship a shot.

Reflecting on her initial uncertainty post-high school, Emily admits,

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do once I finished year 12, and I am still trying to figure it out.”

However, her traineeship provided the perfect platform for self-discovery. Engaging in teaching and sports coordination, Emily began envisioning herself in roles centred around nurturing young minds.

The transition wasn’t without its challenges. The bustling first school term, marked by major carnivals, tested Emily’s mettle. Yet, by term two, she had found her stride, embracing her responsibilities with enthusiasm and dedication.

Emily’s role encompasses a diverse array of tasks, from data entry and administrative duties to assisting with various sports programs and coaching.

As the college expands across two campuses, her contributions are invaluable in ensuring smooth operations, from managing equipment to coordinating training sessions.

Despite considering multiple career paths, including architecture, media and teaching. Emily finds comfort in the versatility of her traineeship.

“I don’t know what I want to do yet,”

she admits, highlighting various opportunities she’s exploring. Amidst uncertainty, the educational component of her traineeship remains manageable, providing a solid foundation for her future endeavours.

When asked if she’d recommend a traineeship to others, Emily’s response is resounding;

“Give it a crack…what is the worst that can happen?”

Her journey highlights experiential learning, giving it a go to see if it’s for you and urging others to seize opportunities for growth and exploration.

Emily’s experience under the guidance of Supervisor Claudia Alp, has reshaped her perspective on career path choices and ignited a passion for working with young people.

Having successfully concluded her traineeship, Emily now stands ready with a wealth of valuable experience. She emerges prepared to embrace a world of possibilities that, are empowered by her traineeship journey.

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