Traineeship Brings Game-Changing Support

Traineeship Brings Game-Changing Support

At St Francis Catholic College Melton, the expansion of the college has brought about exciting opportunities and challenges, particularly within the sports department. Leading the efforts to navigate this growth is Claudia Alp, the Head of Sport/Sports Coordinator. Who oversees the development of Trainees like Emily Cook, who completed her AFL SportsReady traineeship at the college.

According to Claudia, having Trainees like Emily onboard has proven to be a game-changer for the sports team. Not only does it provide invaluable hands-on experience for those interested in pursuing careers in sports and education. But it also offers a unique insight into inter-school sports and carnivals.

“As our college expands, so does our sports team!”

As the college recently opened a second campus, there has been a noticeable increase in the workload for the sports department. With expansion comes the need for additional support and traineeships have been instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation of sports programs across both campuses.

As the year progressed, Claudia highlighted the transition in focus within the sports department. While the intensity of activities may taper off towards the end of the year, preparations for the upcoming year begin. Trainees play a vital role in this transitional phase. By assisting with planning and preparations for future sporting events and many activities.

“Emily has definitely grown over the last 12 months and experienced her first professional work environment. She has been a great asset to the team and has got along with everyone really well.”

Reflecting on Emily’s journey over the past 12 months, Claudia expresses pride in her growth and development within a professional work environment. Emily’s presence has undeniably enriched the team, demonstrating her capability to adapt, collaborate and contribute effectively to various initiatives undertaken by the sports department.

“It has been interesting to watch the trainees to progress from the start of the year all the way to now.”

One of the notable aspects of Emily’s journey has been her involvement in organising and managing events. Activities running throughout the year across different year levels. Emily had the opportunity to engage with students of varying ages allowing her to grow her communication and leadership skills.

Under the mentorship of supervisors like Claudia Alp. Trainee Emily gained incredible practical experience and made significant contributions to the team during times of expansion.

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St Francis Catholic College is a long-time partner with AFL SportsReady. Together we’ve been shaping the futures of Trainees and making a lasting impact for over 10 years.

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