Empowering First Nations Representation

Empowering First Nations Representation

In the world of Australian rules football, the Western Bulldogs are making significant strides in fostering diversity and inclusion. One shining example is the story of Myles Brinkworth, a current First Nations Trainee who is also undertaking a Certificate III in Business with the club. His journey reflects not only personal growth but also a commitment by the club to amplify Indigenous voices within the football landscape.

At the heart of Myles’ experience lies a structured traineeship program designed to offer holistic exposure to various facets of the overall operations at the club.

Rotational opportunities allow Trainees to delve into various departments. Such as commercial partnership, marketing, fan engagement, membership and community foundation.

This exposure not only enriched his skill set but also provided a nuanced understanding of the club’s inner workings.

Integral to Myles’ journey is the upcoming involvement in the Sir Doug Nicholls round.
This unique opportunity showcases the club’s dedication to empowering First Nations individuals. By offering them prominent roles within significant events, further reinforcing the importance of representation in sports leadership.

Community engagement stands as a cornerstone of Myles’ experience, with active participation in fan activation events, match-day responsibilities, and community programs. This hands-on involvement not only strengthens his connection with the community but also underscores the club’s commitment to fostering meaningful relationships beyond the field.

The success of Myles’ traineeship journey serves as a testament to the efficacy of the program. The Western Bulldogs are pleased with his progress and are poised to leverage this success to advocate for the expansion of similar initiatives within the club.

Myles’ extended rotations across various departments further highlight the demand for his experience and the value he brings to the organisation.

Beyond professional development, Myles’ traineeship has had a profound personal impact.
His newfound confidence and cultural appreciation speak volumes about the true power of meaningful opportunities.

As he reflects on his journey so far, Myles expresses a desire to pay it forward. Envisioning a future where he can inspire and mentor young First Nations individuals within the football industry.

Myles Brinkworth’s journey with the Western Bulldogs exemplifies the club’s unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion and empowerment.

Through structured traineeship programs and genuine support, the Doggies are not only shaping future leaders but also fostering a more inclusive and representative football community.

As Myles continues to thrive, his story serves as a great example of hope and inspiration for aspiring individuals wanting to make a difference in the AFL industry, supported by AFL SportsReady and First Nations Ralph White, whose mentorship has been instrumental in navigating his traineeship journey.


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