From Trainee to 2IC

From Trainee to 2IC

Grant Herron’s journey from AFL SportsReady Trainee to a key cog in the engine of the Burson Auto Parts Automotive team showcases the real potential of dedication and seizing opportunities. He jump-started his career as a Customer Service Champion at the Kilmore location.

His previous gig didn’t quite rev his engine, leaving him hungry for more variety within a role where no two days are the same.

“My previous apprenticeship was not for me. I did it for two years and found the tasks were very monotonous and the same thing every day. It was also very tiring. You walk into a retail sector (like my job at Burson) and it is never the same. You never know what to expect.”

Under the supportive guidance of Wendy West, the store manager at Kilmore. Grant received comprehensive training from the ground up. Wendy didn’t just stick to the standard playbook; she went the extra mile, ensuring Grant got the full transmission of knowledge. Instead of being idle with routine tasks, Wendy took him on a ride through every aspect of the role, nurturing a culture of versatility and teamwork where every member could shift gears seamlessly when needed.

“I was definitely nervous when I first started. Walking into a business where I know basically nothing was terrifying. But that is where with gradual meeting people and customers helps as well as being surrounded by people who want to support you. I felt really supported by my team from the get go.”

Grant didn’t hit the brakes on this traineeship opportunity; instead, he embraced challenges and took the wheel of responsibility. From assisting managers with customer interactions to handling deliveries, Grant cruised through many areas of the business.

Recently, Grant switched gears to a full-time role as a 2IC (2nd In Charge) at the Thomastown location, where he continues to fuel his passion and expand on opportunities within the business.

His traineeship highlights the value of hands-on learning and a supportive pit crew. Grant’s readiness to tackle new challenges and his commitment to personal growth have excelled him forward, earning him the respect and admiration of his team.

“A challenge I have overcome is how I answer the phone. It took a whole 3 days to answer my first phone customer enquiry at the beginning of my traineeship. I was really anxious when it came to answering the phones. But since completing my traineeship, answering the phone has become second nature.”

Reflecting on his traineeship, Grant acknowledges the anxiety he felt when starting his traineeship. Despite encountering a few potholes along the way. It was with the unwavering support of his team and gradual exposure to customers and tasks, that he quickly found his traction. Overcoming challenges like phone anxiety, Grant emerged more confident and capable, demonstrating the personal impact of a supportive work environment.

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