Alternative Pathways to University

Alternative Pathways to University

Have you recently changed your mind about wanting to attend university? Applying for university directly after high school is not the only pathway to your dream degree.

Traineeships can be a great option, as they can be a stepping-stone in transitioning into University.

There are many benefits to taking on a traineeship as an alternative pathway to University.

If you have not yet decided what career path you would like to go down, completing a traineeship is a great way to experience what your future career may look like.

“After graduating high school, I was caught in a crossroads between studying teaching or nursing. With limited experience in both fields, I had no idea which one I wanted to study at University.” – Harrison Sheppard, ArtsReady Alumni

Did you know what you wanted to study at University when you were in High School?

Often there is a lot of pressure put on young people to know what they want to study at university. Using your Traineeship will allow you some time to explore your passions. You just might find yourself way more equipped and motivated for that next step.

“I would recommend this traineeship to any young person as a pathway, straight out of school. I believe the best part of this opportunity is that it has helped me decide what I want to do in the future. I wish others would take opportunities like this rather than just rushing into things just because they feel pressured to do so” Meg Macumber, Trainee

Complete your traineeship with AFL SportsReady and you will have the opportunity to benefit from all of the partnerships we have with universities all across Australia.

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With over 29 years of experience providing quality job opportunities and launching the careers of thousands of young Australians. AFL SportsReady offers diverse and thrilling opportunities that could take your career to the next level.

Whether you’re just starting in your career or looking to take it in a new direction. AFL SportsReady has something to offer. You can be sure you’ll have the tools you need to succeed.

So why wait? Kickstart your career today by exploring available Traineeships. Whether you’re interested in sports management, business administration, or any number of other fields, there’s sure to be a role that fits your skills and interests.

Filling out our Expressions of Interest Form is a useful step if you are unable to find a specific job opening. This helps us identify candidates for future opportunities and reach out if a relevant opportunity becomes available.