Why Former Students Make Perfect Trainees at Their School

Why Former Students Make Perfect Trainees at Their School

The school is a very supportive environment if you want to do a traineeship and being a former student at the school made the experience even more supportive and easy,”
said a former student and trainee at Sacred Heart College Yarrawonga.

After completing year 12, Jacob Adkins was offered a traineeship in the Sports Department and studied a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation. After graduating, Jacob went on to do a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Sports which he said his traineeship experience complimented.

Jacob decided to do a traineeship because he was inspired by the other trainees that were working at the school.

“We had trainees the year I was at school that were helping to run the health and PE classes, so it looked like the traineeship could provide a real insight into what teaching would be like especially before I went to university.

I knew I wanted to be a PE teacher from about year 10.

The traineeship in itself was brilliant. From organising carnivals to going on school camps and helping run PE classes. It was exactly what I was hoping for, that complete understanding of the industry.

It gave me a lot of confidence in knowing what I wanted to do in the future. Thanks to the traineeship I knew that PE teaching was the right path for me.

Coming from year 12 the year before, I was able to build good relationships with staff members and students.

 I just felt at ease because I was familiar with the school and I knew how the teaching staff operated so this allowed me to grow and thrive.

I took the opportunity to come back because I really love this school. I have strong relationships here with my peers and students and this school is an important part of my life.”

Jacob currently has his own trainee, Ethan, who works alongside him in the Sports department.

“I guess you could say I have come full circle. From student, I was a trainee at the school, then to being employed at the school and now I am a supervisor. It just goes to show the power of the traineeship program and the strength and support of this school community.”

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IMAGE: Jacob from when he was a trainee to now, a full-time employee at the school.
DATE: 17 Aug 2022, updated 11 Jan 2023 | AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello