How Trainees Support Your Teachers

How Trainees Support Your Teachers

How Trainees Support Your Teachers

Galen College needed some extra hands to support the Visual Arts department, so they turned to AFL SportsReady’s School program for help.

The school decided to recruit a former student, Georgina Stallard, as an ArtsReady trainee and her supervisor, Beth Code couldn’t be happier.

“Just having that extra person is really important to us and in all areas of the school community. Georgina helps to run warmups with the students at the start of class while I organise myself. She also helps with the big projects like our musical productions,” she added.

The benefits of the traineeship program go beyond providing extra support to teachers but can help the students too.

“Georgina is close in age with the students, so she is more connected to them than us teachers which allows students to feel more comfortable and ask more questions.

Seeing how she works with the kids, seeing how she relates to them is really interesting and something I try to do more of.

It just is great to have this young, vibrant, amazing person working in this space. Her passion and energy rubs off on all of us.”

Ms Code also said that taking on a former student is an extra bonus.

“We were quite lucky because we knew who we were getting with Georgina. So, it was nice that we knew who we were working with, we knew her work ethic and her personality.”

The ArtsReady traineeship has been a huge success for Galen College and provided them with the extra support they need for their department.

For Georgina, the traineeship has allowed her to get an insight into the world of teaching.

“I am forever learning in this traineeship,” said Georgina.

“It’s an amazing experience and I am learning skills that I know will benefit me throughout my career.”

As educational institutions continually seek innovative ways to enhance the learning experience for students. The role of trainees emerges as a powerful and valuable asset in supporting teachers.

The relationship between trainees and educators showcased throughout this article highlights the numerous benefits that arise from such collaborations. Trainees are armed with a fresh perspective, enthusiasm, and dedication. Contribute to the school community by easing teacher workloads, fostering a dynamic learning environment, and offering targeted support to students.
As they embark on their professional journey, trainees not only gain invaluable practical experience. But also forge lasting connections within the education sector.


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IMAGE: Beth & Georgina