IT Trainees are a Valuable Resource to Schools

IT Trainees are a Valuable Resource to Schools

Leo Bourke, an IT trainee at Lumen Christi Catholic College in New South Wales, has been commended for his exceptional skills and positive attitude. As part of AFL SportsReady’s traineeship program, Leo has played a crucial role in maintaining connectivity within the school and organization. With a keen interest in technology, Leo has been a proactive member of the IT team, gaining valuable insights into the inner workings of an IT department. The traineeship has provided him with practical experience and helped him determine his career path.

Leo’s contributions during the COVID-19 situation have been particularly valuable in supporting students’ transition to remote learning. The school’s IT manager emphasizes the mutual benefits of the traineeship model, emphasizing that IT trainees are an asset to any organization.AFL SportsReady’s’ IT trainees have been valuable team members and have played a starring role in keeping schools and organisations connected. NSW IT trainee, Leo Bourke from Lumen Christi Catholic College is one of them.

“Leo has brought an exceptional set of skills to our IT Office. He has a keen interest in technology and brings a positive can-do attitude to the school,” said Lumen Christi Catholic College IT Manager and Leo’s supervisor, Derrick Ward.

“IT is a very important industry in that it provides the connection to allow people to communicate and carry out tasks. IT helps make us more efficient, especially in times like these,” he added.

The school is currently hosting three trainees across the IT, Creative Arts/Project Based Learning and PE departments. Leo is the first IT trainee the school has employed.

“We took on an IT trainee to help alleviate the workload at our school but at the same time we are able to offer a young person the opportunity to receive on-the-job training.”

“The trainee experience so far has been highly positive. Leo is a proactive member of the IT team and has gained an insight into the workings of an IT Office. He also gives the IT Office an insight into how students will approach certain issues which has been a huge benefit.

During the COVID-19 situation, Leo has assisted the students in transitioning their studies from home.” 

Mr Ward also believes one of the most important aspects of the traineeship model is not only what it provides for the school but what it offers the trainee.

“The IT traineeship gives the trainee knowledge of the inner workings of an IT department, which is beneficial to the trainee in that they are able to determine if IT is the career they would like to pursue. Leo is provided with practical experience that is needed to secure an IT role in the future. So, it is a fantastic win-win for both host and trainee.”

Leo, like many of our IT trainees, has been able to shine through this period and help with the increased demand for technology services. At the same time, he has had an opportunity to challenge himself and utilise his skills and knowledge to adapt to this new way of working.

“We have really seen Leo grow through this traineeship. He is a highly valued member of our team and if I were to offer some advice to a business looking to take on an IT trainee then I would definitely recommend it. IT trainees are a valuable resource for any organisation and school.”

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IMAGE: Leo Bourke, Derrick Ward