How Trainees Are Thriving During Lockdown – Keeley Sharman TAS

How Trainees Are Thriving During Lockdown – Keeley Sharman TAS

How Trainees Are Thriving During Lockdown – Keeley Sharman TAS

Traineeship: Certificate III in Business at Marist Regional College.

How has lockdown changed your traineeship?

Due to the lockdown measures put in place, students have not been able to attend school unless they can work from home. With my Traineeship being mostly based around student activities, many of my plans for this year have had to change. This has meant trying to encourage students to participate in non-contact programs such as the Student 2 Student Reading program run by the Smith Family, as well as creating and running new initiatives such as our soft plastics bins. I have also been required to work from home for 3 weeks over the Easter period, which was definitely a big change.


How are you doing in your traineeship and through this lockdown period?

The lockdown period has definitely been strange, especially in the way that it has affected the school environment. During the lead-up to the end of term one, students and staff were encouraged to work from home where possible, so seeing less and less students and staff at the school was very eerie. Working from home was also quite different and I found my routines slowly deteriorating. I would not say that I necessarily struggled, it was just a matter of readjusting and discovering new ways of doing things. I enjoyed learning how to work remotely and I feel I gained some confidence in my independent working skills, which is always a bonus!


What are you most looking forward to as restrictions ease?

As restrictions begin to ease, I am looking forward to getting back into my routine and organising all the events for the remainder of the year! I am really excited to see what fun things we can do as a school community during the next few months. I am also excited to see how our lives change and if we use this pandemic as a sign to work together to not go back to normal but to move ahead into a happier and healthier future. Having all our favorite cafes and restaurants open up again won’t be bad either!

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