Setting the Stage for Success in 2024

Setting the Stage for Success in 2024


Ready for the next adventure after school? 2024 is here, and the choices you make now will shape what comes next. It’s like a big journey, and as you stand at this crossroads, remember that having a purpose and a plan is your best bet.

This article is your quick guide, loaded with practical tips to set you up for success in 2024. Whether you’re thinking about your dream job, polishing up your online presence, or checking out opportunities with AFL SportsReady, these strategies could help you navigate your next move.

So, let’s dive into this new journey with confidence, setting the stage for a future that’s not just promising but uniquely yours!

Figure Out Your Goals

Start by thinking about what you want. What gets you excited? What jobs or industries are you curious about? Knowing your goals helps you make decisions that match your dreams.

Get Your Online Game On: LinkedIn Basics

Time to spruce up your online presence! Create a LinkedIn profile that shows off your school wins, after-school stuff, and any great skills you’ve got. Keep it updated with new things you do.

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Resume Tips

Sort Out Your Resume 

Your resume and cover letter are like your job-hunting tools. Customise them to show off your strengths, experiences, and what you want to achieve. Get advice from mentors to make sure your docs stand out.

Applying for a Traineeship? First you Need a Great Resume
Tips on Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

Stay in the Loop with AFL SportsReady

AFL SportsReady is a great place for job opportunities. Sign up for our email updates to know about jobs that match your interests and skills. Staying on top of it helps you know about cool job openings.

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Check AFL SportsReady’s Jobs Board Regularly

Aside from updates, keep an eye on AFL SportsReady’s Jobs Board on their website. It’s where you can find lots of different job options in the sport, business and creative world. Make it a habit to check it out and not miss any deadlines.

Check New Roles

Register Interest in AFL SportsReady’s 2024 Traineeship Intake

Are you a recent high school graduate unsure about your path for the upcoming year? AFL SportsReady is calling for expressions of interest from individuals like you who are eager to secure a Traineeship in 2024. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain hands-on experience, develop valuable skills, and kickstart your career journey.

Explore the diverse fields available, from Sport and Recreation to Business and Administration, Education, Finance, Horticulture, Information Technology, Retail, and the Creative Industries. Don’t miss this chance to shape your future – express your interest in a Traineeship now!

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There you go! 2024 is yours for the taking, and this guide is here to help. Go ahead, tackle this journey with style and purpose, laying down the foundation for a future that’s all yours! 

With over 29 years of experience providing quality job opportunities and launching the careers of thousands of young Australians. AFL SportsReady offers diverse and thrilling opportunities that could take your career to the next level.

If you’re just starting out in your career or looking to take it in a new direction. AFL SportsReady has something to offer. With a commitment to quality training and support. You can be sure that you’ll have the tools you need to succeed.

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