Applying for a Traineeship? First you Need a Great Resume

Applying for a Traineeship? First you Need a Great Resume

A resume (also known as a CV or curriculum vitae) is a professional document that presents information about your qualifications, skills and experience.

Resume Tips

It is a way of marketing yourself to potential employers by showcasing your ability to do the job.

Your Resume Should:

Focus on the most relevant skills and experience for the position
Be clear and concise
Look professional and well-presented

Sample Templates:

If you’ve just finished school and your work experience is limited, here are some sample resume templates you might find super useful from Youth Central and Seek.


Resume Tips to get you a Traineeship

It can be daunting applying for your first job when you have limited job experience. The good news is there are heaps of things you can put on your resume that will showcase your talents and give employers an idea of your strengths.

1. Make sure to keep it concise

Especially if you are in school and haven’t done a ton of work experience or volunteering, it is ok for your resume to be short and snappy. Employers will appreciate it. Keep your resume to 1-2 pages

2. Include volunteering and extra-curricular activities

Have you pitched in and volunteered somewhere? You might not have been paid, but volunteering and extra-curricular activities do pay off, as they are great ways to show that you have initiative. Employers want to see that you have some well-rounded experience beyond study.

3. No need to include a photo or your personal details that are not relevant

For example, age, nationality, religion, marital status etc.

4. Check and recheck it

Don’t forget to proofread your resume and have someone else look over it too.

Our Field Officer’s Advice:

AFL SportsReady field officers support a trainee and their host employer for the duration of the traineeship. They also play an important role when it comes to recruitment. They will review all applications and shortlist candidates to put forward to the host employer to interview.

Here is their advice when it comes to resume writing:

  • You need to demonstrate good work/life balance – looking after your own general well-being and the well-being of others (sports, hobbies, other interests). This shows that you are willing to be part of a community/team.
  • Show that you have a ‘growth mindset’ – Employers see the importance of purpose with your experiences and involvement with the community (not just listing what you have been involved in – but why you have done it).
  • Other examples of this include volunteer work or extra ‘professional development’ you have completed (First Aid, WWCC, RSA, etc…)
  • Evidence of problem-solving in the workplace. For example, customer service strategies that have worked for you, instances where you have had ‘face to face’ interaction with other people and have therefore solved a specific problem and capacity to keep following up until a challenging situation is resolved.

Now that you have updated your resume,
check out our tips on writing the perfect cover letter.

Cover letter

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