Traineeships for Emerging Artists

Traineeships for Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists

Are you looking to build your career in a creative field?

These invaluable opportunities provide the perfect launchpad for Emerging Artists. Gain hands-on experience, refine your skills, and immerse yourself in a vibrant and supportive artistic community. From IT to events traineeships, these pathways allow you to learn from industry professionals, explore different artistic mediums, and build a strong foundation for your future.

As an Artist, doing a traineeship will give you the time you might need to consider where you want to take your creativity and how you might like to apply your current and newly obtained skills to your future career.

The skills you pick up will be transferable to many future opportunities and your resume will look great too!

Trainees Share their Stories to Inspire you.

1. ArtsReady Provides Pathway for Emerging Artist

“I always say this, I can’t believe this is my job. I think the role that I have at Bunjil Place, working in the arts and especially with community in the arts to help community present their cultural showcases...” – read more

2. ArtsReady Trainee Blog: My First Week

What encouraged me to apply for this role, was that I was approaching my final year of my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Melbourne and graduation. – read more

3. Gained Full-time Employment Thanks to Her ArtsReady Traineeship

With a traineeship, you get as much as you put in. Yssy has volunteered for everything from event production to risk assessment and bumping in and out of events. Now she is responsible for staffing, interviews and making schedules. – read more

4. Former ArtsReady Trainee Makes Gig Nation’s Top Event

“It’s really been an amazing journey so far, some of the events I have worked on have left me speechless. To be able to do this as a job, is something I could have only dreamed of doing. If it wasn’t for my traineeship…” – read more

Explore the current opportunities listed, you can apply for traineeships over at the Jobs Board.
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Traineeships are paid, employment and education training programs that give you a nationally recognised qualification.

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