ArtsReady Provides Pathway for Emerging Artist

ArtsReady Provides Pathway for Emerging Artist

ArtsReady Provides Pathway for Emerging Artist

Thanks to her ArtsReady Traineeship, Nyarath Gatkuoth gets to work in an industry she is passionate about and helps enrich her community.

A South Sudanese woman who migrated to Australia with her family to escape war-torn South Sudan is thriving in her traineeship at Bunjil Place.

“I always say this, I can’t believe this is my job. I think the role that I have at Bunjil Place, working in the arts and especially with community in the arts to help community present their cultural showcases, is something that I am very proud to be a part of said Nyarath.”

In her role as the Arts and Cultural Development Trainee. Nyarath helps community groups deliver exhibitions, performances, and arts events across the City of Casey precinct.

“At Bunjil Place it is very common to celebrate one another. I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by so much culture, and supported some fantastic events including ‘The Rise Of South Sudan Festival’ and witnessing the Aboriginal Boy’s group Bandok Tati doing cultural dances, added Nyarath”

Finding cultural connection is not something Nyarath had expected when she started her traineeship. But by being open-minded and creating new connections through art she was able to build valuable relationships.
Which in turn deepened her sense of belonging.

Nyarath, a spoken word artist, was involved in a video for her host employer. Bunjil Place is part of the Connecting Worlds with Words event that took place earlier this year.

Nyarath Gatkuoth

You can watch the video here: Connecting Worlds With Words (

Now Nyarath is excited about her future and career opportunities thanks to her ArtsReady traineeship.

“I’m going to start university at the middle of next year and I plan on studying Arts and Law but doing this traineeship has really helped to shape what the arts aspect looks like.”

Nyarath’s traineeship has provided her with more than just traditional work experience, it has given her a space to explore her passions in art and has helped her to find her career path.

Bunjil Place is preparing to welcome its second ArtsReady Trainee early next year. Their commitment is to nurture and support young people to learn about the arts industry in a hands-on way and to have our trainees graduate with significant skills and experience in the arts industry to take them into a successful creative role or further study in this field.

For more information about this opportunity please visit Bunjil Place website:

DATE: 2nd of December 2022
AUTHOR: Eliza Peterson | Edited 28 Feb, 2023
IMAGE: Rise of South Sudan Facebook page