Former ArtsReady Trainee Makes Gig Nation’s Top Event Young Event Professional

Former ArtsReady Trainee Makes Gig Nation’s Top Event Young Event Professional

Former ArtsReady Trainee Makes Gig Nation’s Top Event Young Event Professional

From helping to produce the famous New Year’s Eve fireworks display on Sydney Harbour, to working on events like the Sydney Lunar Spectacle and the much-loved Martin Place Christmas concert, Liberty Carter is flourishing in the Events industry and it all started with her ArtsReady traineeship at the City of Sydney.

“It’s pretty amazing what the traineeship has given me and the career journey it has provided me with and all the places I am still yet to go,” said Liberty.

“As a child, mum and dad always took me to so many free events and shows as a kid. I remember how much fun I had at all these experiences and now I can put on these incredible major events for the public. My traineeship helped me to realise that this is my passion.”

Before taking on a traineeship in 2015, Liberty enrolled in university to do a course in Music Teaching. She wasn’t certain on this career path, but she felt she needed to decide on a degree straight out of high school because that was the norm.

“Mum found an ad for a traineeship at City of Sydney and thought it would be a great opportunity for me because it would give me real world experience instead of going into a degree, I was feeling uncertain about. Also, there was always an opportunity to go back to university after my traineeship. So, I applied, and I got the job right away.”  

Liberty completed a traineeship in events working with the City of Sydney’s Major Events team and study a Certificate IV in Business.

“I worked on the Christmas events in the City, the Sydney Lunar Spectacle, Sydney Harbour’s New Year’s firework display, numerous parades and so much more. One of my highlights was working on the Sydney Open event which is a weekend long celebration of architecture offering a look at Sydney’s most significant buildings and spaces that are usually closed to the public. I had this wonderful opportunity to climb behind Sydney Town Hall’s Grand Organ, I am one of the only people in the world who has ever been able to do this.”

 In addition to all the amazing events Liberty was helping put together she was gaining a diverse range of skills that has helped her to grow professionally and personally.

“Time management was a huge one! If you promise an event or show you had to deliver on time so I had to make sure I was managing my priorities efficiently so I could meet all the deadlines. I was learning how to collaborate with a team, to multitask, to effectively communicate plus so much more. Everything I learnt, I learnt on the job and every skill has been beneficial throughout my journey so far.”

After graduating from her traineeship Liberty went on to pursue a string of awesome contract roles such as, Label Coordinator for Ivy League Records, working on the Rugby League World Cup, Events Coordinator at the Invictus Games, until eventually returning to where it all began – the City of Sydney major events.

“On my return at the City of Sydney I took on the role as Harbour Assistant for the Sydney New Year’s event, helping to lead the massive Sydney Harbour Firework display and now I am working as the Events Coordinator where I am assisting with a series of other upcoming major events around the city.”

Liberty and her inspiring career even got a mention in Gig Nations 9 under 30’s article where she was recognised for her incredible work in Events.

“It’s really been an amazing journey so far, some of the events I have worked on have left me speechless. To be able to do this as a job, is something I could have only dreamed of doing. If it wasn’t for my traineeship, I would have been in a degree at uni that I wasn’t even sure about and may have not even liked! But here I am working on some of the most inspiring events in the country and it all started with a traineeship.”

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DATE: 4th of November 2021

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Libery Carter