How My Son Got into the AFL Industry Through a Traineeship

How My Son Got into the AFL Industry Through a Traineeship

“It is a fantastic opportunity for a young person to get a start in their career, to get industry experience and build networks.”

Adrienne Dunstan is the mother of Hugh, who is completing his AFL SportsReady traineeship as an Australian Football League (AFL) Talent/State Leagues Trainee at AFL House while studying a Certificate III in Business.

With Hugh not enjoying his previous jobs, he saw the traineeship as a great way to get into the AFL industry, a career he has always dreamed of.

We spoke to Adrienne to get her perspective on the traineeship program as a parent.

How did Hugh hear about the traineeship program? 

Hugh applied for the role through Seek.

He was drawn to the role because he is very active and loves football. He saw the traineeship as a way to launch his career in the sporting industry.

What did you think of the traineeship at first and why did you think it was right for Hugh?

I didn’t realise what was involved until Hugh explained further, and I thought, this opportunity sounds brilliant! The traineeship just sounded so promising, like it would lead him into so many avenues in the sports industry. I thought it would be amazing on his resume too. I knew the program was right for Hugh because this is how he learns best, in an on-the-job training environment. So far, it has been everything both Hugh and I have hoped for and more.

What are your thoughts about Hugh’s experience?

Hugh is loving his traineeship. He loves the AFL and everyone he works with. He has developed great relationships with his co-workers and has become an important and trusted member of the team. Hugh is given many responsibilities, he is thriving.

I think the experience he is getting is just fantastic. Traineeships are such a great idea. Before his traineeship, Hugh went to Seda, which is kind of like a traineeship. It just helps young people to develop in all areas of their life. They understand how a work environment operates and how to be professional, like being on time and so many other skills.

Have you noticed a change in Hugh since taking on a traineeship?

Absolutely, he has transformed, and he is happy. He gets up every day excited to go to work. So, he really enjoys what he does. He is happy and he wants to do the work, as a parent that is all we can hope for, to see our kids happy and working towards a career they are passionate about.

What is the education like and what support is provided in the traineeship?
Hugh says that the education is fantastic. His Educator and Field Officer have been nurturing and supportive.

What would you say to other parents considering this pathway for their child? 

I would say absolutely go for it. I have seen my son’s transformation and how happy he is. It is a fantastic opportunity for a young person to get a start in their career, get industry experience and build networks. I would recommend it to everyone.

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