How My Daughter Gained Full-time Employment Thanks to Her ArtsReady Traineeship

How My Daughter Gained Full-time Employment Thanks to Her ArtsReady Traineeship

“I believe in this program, and I think more parents need to consider traineeships as a real career pathway for their child after high school.”

Lynda Monteiro-Wallace is the mother of Ysabella (Yssy), who completed an ArtsReady traineeship in Events at the City of Sydney while studying a Certificate III in Business.

Upon graduation from her traineeship, Ysabella was offered full-time employment at the City of Sydney, and she could not be happier.

We spoke to Lynda to get her perspective on the program as a parent of a trainee.

What inspired Ysabella to take on the program? 

Yssy was not academic because she was not really engaged in school, and she found herself feeling bored. However, she is an incredibly intelligent and talented young girl.

Yssy organised her formal and I saw what she had done, all the effort she went to and how beautifully it all came together. So, I asked her, “Have you considered events as your career?” She thought, “Yes what a great idea!”

We saw an ArtsReady traineeship opportunity at City of Sydney in events and the role looked fantastic. This would allow her to learn on the job, which is her strength.

Yssy applied and got in and started working at City of Sydney right away!

What did you think of the traineeship at first?

I was very much aware of traineeships and apprenticeships, and I am a firm believer in their benefits. Not all students are academic, maybe they don’t engage with the way the school system is structured and that is okay. Traineeships provide a different way of learning, a practical way of learning and this works for a lot of people. I think a traineeship is brilliant.

What are your thoughts about Ysabella’s experience?

Yssy just loves the traineeship and the industry she works in. She is busy and she is happy! Yssy has developed a great deal of confidence, she has formed fantastic networks and she is just 20 years old.

With a traineeship, you get as much as you put in. Yssy has volunteered for everything from event production to risk assessment and bumping in and out of events.

Now she is responsible for staffing, interviews and making schedules.

She is so loved at her work, and everyone takes the time to show her something. Yssy even won the 2021 AFL SportsReady Trainee of the Year award for NSW and was nominated in the States Training awards.

As a parent, I could not be happier! She is so fortunate to have this opportunity, a traineeship is priceless.

Do you think the traineeship provides an alternative pathway to university? 

Absolutely, after graduating from her traineeship, Yssy was offered full-time employment at the City of Sydney.

When Yssy was doing an event management course there were people in the course saying they have been trying to get into City of Sydney for years! But traineeships take away the barriers for certain positions especially when you are up against so much competition. Traineeships give you experience, and a head start in your career.

Uni isn’t for everyone, and it depends on what career you are pursuing, but everyone learns differently. With a traineeship you know exactly what to expect, you are in the real world, learning on the job and the certificate you study supports that.

What would you say to other parents considering this pathway for their child? 

I would recommend this opportunity to any parent.

In my opinion, schools used to encourage university as opposed to Vocational Education and Training, but things have changed now. You don’t need a university degree, back then you did, our world has evolved so much and now thanks to her traineeship my daughter will have all this experience behind her.

Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough about the traineeship program. It is by far the best start in my daughter’s career. Nothing else would have provided her with what she has already achieved, and she is only 20.

I can’t express how grateful I am, I couldn’t be happier. She is my only baby, my miracle baby and it is so beautiful to see my daughter thriving. The program is so impressive, and the dedication goes into these opportunities. I believe in this program, and I think more parents need to consider a traineeship as a real career pathway for their child post-high school.

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IMAGE: Yssy as a finalist at the NSW Training Awards