Connected to Community and CBA

Connected to Community and CBA

Proud Aboriginal woman, Serena Dallen, is completing an Indigenous school-based traineeship with the Commonwealth Bank Shepparton Marketplace. As part of the traineeship, she works one day a week at the bank and studies a Certificate II in Business whilst completing high school. Serena has just been confirmed to take on a second traineeship later this year and believes thanks to her traineeship she has a clear pathway for her future.

“I was working at Hungry Jacks as a casual employee before my traineeship and I never really thought about my future,” she said.

Thanks to the traineeship I really feel like I am achieving something, plus it provides me with these amazing education and employment opportunities that I never thought were possible. It’s these opportunities that have given me a sense of career direction,” she added.

Serena was inspired to take on a traineeship after her friend at school was completing one.

“I loved the sound of the traineeship and everything it offered including the qualification, the experience and a steady income. I thought, what an amazing opportunity to have at just 16 years old!”

Serena is also connected to her Indigenous community and thought if she took on an opportunity like this, maybe others would follow.

“I was so inspired that my friend took on a traineeship and I thought, imagine how many other Indigenous kids would be inspired as well. So, I took this traineeship not only for me but also because I thought it might impact my community as well.”

Since taking on a traineeship with a bank, Serena feels like this is an industry she could really see herself working in.

“I really love the banking and finance industry and before taking on the traineeship I would have no idea what industry I wanted to work in. But, experiencing it, I want to continue here for a while and see where I can go. If I change my mind later down the track at least I will have the skills, knowledge, experience and the confidence to take on whatever role comes my way.”

Serena is excited to start her second traineeship and can’t wait to see what else she will learn and how far she will go. Her advice to someone thinking of taking on a traineeship –

“Give it a go! You might not be sure at first, but you could end up liking it. You have nothing to lose! You get paid, you get a qualification, and you might very well get a full-time job.”

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DATE: 23rd November 2021

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Serena Dallen