Your ATAR and Beyond

Your ATAR and Beyond


Dear current Year 12 Students,

As the final exams have been and gone and the pressure intensifies, it’s totally natural to find yourself wrapped in the whirlwind of ATAR worries. After all, your score is often seen as the golden ticket to your future, right? But let’s pause for a bit and consider that your ATAR is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. It’s not the end-all and be-all of your career journey.

Here are a bunch of things to remember…

First, please don’t forget you are not defined by a number. Your worth is not determined solely by your score. While it may influence your immediate educational path, it does not dictate your overall potential, happiness, or success.

Remember, life is about more than just any one achievement. It’s all about the small moments that make your heart race with excitement, the bonds you share with friends, family and the exploration of your passions.

It’s crucial to prioritise your mental and physical health. Late-night cramming, unhealthy food and excessive stress may seem like the norm during Year 12, but they are not sustainable habits. Getting enough sleep, eating good foods, staying hydrated and engaging in regular exercise are essential for your wellbeing.

Building strong connections with friends and seeking support when needed are also vital. Your health should always be the top priority.

Here’s the exciting part: The journey to your dream career isn’t set on just one path.

It used to be that a high ATAR was your only ticket to university. But guess what? Nowadays, there are all kinds of ways to get to where you want to go! Yay!

Even if your ATAR doesn’t quite meet the requirements for the university course you want, there are plenty of programs, diplomas and courses that can help you bridge that gap and reach your goals.

And here’s a cool secret: You don’t have to stick to a course that matches your exact ATAR score. Let your passions guide you. You might even consider a path that doesn’t need an ATAR at all! Forget about showing off and choose something that lines up with your dreams.

Think about traineeships, apprenticeships, vocational education and TAFE courses. These options can give you hands-on experience, practical skills and another way to step into your dream job.

As you navigate the challenges of completing Year 12 and the uncertainty that comes with it, remember that success is a journey, not a destination. It’s about growth, learning and evolving into the best version of yourself.

Your ATAR is just one chapter in your story and there are so many new chapters waiting to be written.

So, take a deep breath and keep your perspective wide. There’s a world of opportunities beyond year 12 and your future is waiting to unfold in unexpected and wonderful ways.

Believe in yourself, embrace the journey and know that your worth and potential extend far beyond any numbers. You’ve got this!

Warmest wishes,

A Friend Who’s Been There

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