Launching Careers on College Campus

Launching Careers on College Campus

At Salesian College Sunbury (Victoria), something truly unique is happening within the educational landscape. AFL SportsReady Trainees are not just interns but the driving force behind various departments, each carving their careers and adding their unique perspectives to the school’s vibrant environment.

Here’s a glimpse into five remarkable individuals who have become part of the beating heart at the College.

Photo: [front] Ellie and Thalia, [back] Jem, Mitchyl and Luke

Thalia Salt

Steering the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) domain, Thalia Salt brings an abundance of passion and dedication to her role. “I am quite busy,” she chuckles, juggling her responsibilities alongside pursuing a Certificate III in Business. Thalia’s eyes sparkle as she recounts coaching students through a 12-week program for young girls in tech, relishing the chance to be a guiding light for these aspiring minds. Having been a former student, Thalia’s journey has come full circle.

Luke Shoesmith

In the verdant expanse of the grounds team, Luke Shoesmith has found his calling. Having studied Certificate III in Parks and Gardens, Luke’s journey has been one of hands-on learning and discovery.

“My highlight has been all the hands-on experience.”

Sharing his experience with a smile, reminiscing about mastering the art of using mowers and other very cool machinery. Luke’s enthusiasm for his role is palpable, reflecting the joy and fulfilment that comes from nurturing the school’s outdoor spaces and creating a vibrant and conducive learning environment for all.

Ellie Torney

Though not a former student, Ellie Torney has seamlessly blended into the dynamic world of the sports team.

“My highlight has been being able to coach all different ages.”

The year 7’s have especially blossomed under her guidance. Ellie’s commitment to nurturing the budding talent within the school is a testament to the impact that passion and dedication can have on shaping the future of younger students.

Photo: Danielle Caruana [Human Resources Manager] with Mitchyl, Jem, Thalia and Luke

Mitchyl Doherty

Having recently graduated from a neighbouring school, Mitchyl Doherty has found himself in the whirlwind of events and excursions with students, playing a pivotal role in supervising and participating in these enriching experiences.

“The highlight of my traineeship has been getting the opportunity to get out and about.”

Reflecting on the joy that comes from being an integral part of the student’s learning journey. Mitchyl’s commitment to fostering a holistic learning experience is evident in his enthusiasm to actively participate in student growth.

Jem Sinfield

The creative force behind the library, spins magic with his vibrant displays, igniting imagination with each carefully curated exhibit.

“I love seeing student’s faces light up when they see the displays I have made.”

Creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Jem’s dedication to crafting unique experiences for the students is a testament to the impact that creativity and passion can have in fostering an environment that nurtures both learning and imagination.

The Salesian College Sunbury values the contributions of these outstanding individuals who bring their unique talents and skills to enrich the school community. As each Trainee accumulates on-the-job experience and advances in their education. They make a lasting impact on both the students and the school, embodying the school’s ethos of striving in life!

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