Amazing Experience at the AFL

Amazing Experience at the AFL

Diving into the sports scene, Sophie Mastaing stumbled upon a great gig with the AFL “Halftime program”—an awesome turn that’s shaping her career journey. Balancing her love for sports with chasing a III Business qualification, Sophie’s time with the AFL is turning out to be an amazing experience that’s ramping up her professional game.

In this hands-on setup where passion meets practicality, Sophie spills the beans on the incredible experiences shaping her skills. Working out of AFL House in the Docklands, she smoothly handles her daily tasks; like staff rostering, team management, participant selection, and throwing together essential docs and spreadsheets—a mix of learning the real-world backed by the AFL team.

With the support of her supervisor, Katherine Kyriazis, and AFL SportsReady Field Officer, Mick Caruso, Sophie seamlessly blends day-to-day office work with on-the-ground action.

Describing the whole experience as;


In her journey, so far, Sophie shares her amazing experiences and lasting friendships she’s made within the AFL crew.

Stepping onto massive grounds like the MCG and Marvel Stadium, rubbing shoulders with star players, and creating some seriously cool memories. All these aspects of her role have become a big part of the adventure.

Looking ahead, Sophie’s eyeing a full-time spot within the AFL industry. This dream was sparked by the positive impact the traineeship has had on her personal and professional growth. Her story is great inspo for others eyeing off opportunities with the AFL. Showing off the varied tasks in her role and the hands-on perks a traineeship brings.

Sophie’s pumped about endorsing the traineeship program she found online.
Inviting others to jump into the action,

“It’s a great way to build skills and get their foot in the door.”

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