Name: Ben Cooper

Ancestry: Wiradjuri

Degree: Sports Management at La Trobe University

Cadetship: Indigenous Programs Officer


Why did you take on a cadetship?

I thought the cadetship would really benefit my Uni course. Also, to know that I would be working in a sporting environment and getting my foot in the door into this industry was really appealing to me.


What is the best part about your role?

Pretty much everything about my role is amazing. Working at an AFL Football Club is even better than I imagined. The people I work with are supportive and great company and the facilities and offices here at St Kilda Football Club are just awesome.

In my role I get to work with young kids who don’t know much about footy so I teach them all about the game. Seeing their face light up when they kick a ball for the first is probably an absolute highlight for me as well.


How do you think the cadetship will benefit your future?

There are so many benefits in taking on a cadetship but I guess the main one for me is the fact it will help me get a head start for my future in sports. I get to study Sports Management and at the same time work two days a week in a sporting club. So, after I finish uni, not only will I have a degree on my resume, but I will also have experience in sports and that will surely get me ahead of the game.


What’s your advice to someone who is thinking of taking on a cadetship?

Go for it! I couldn’t recommend it enough. I have loved every minute of this opportunity. It’s a huge bonus for your career and at the same time you get to work and learn in an industry you love.