Traineeships from a Mum’s Perspective

Traineeships from a Mum’s Perspective

Known to be the most significant influence on young people’s career decision-making, many of our former Trainees often say they found out about the traineeship opportunity through their mum.
So, we’ve listed a series of articles from a mum’s perspective and how they believe a Traineeship has benefited their young person.

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5 not-so-secret Stories from a Mum’s Perspective

1. How My Son Got into the AFL Industry Through a Traineeship

I have seen my son’s transformation and how happy he is. It is a fantastic opportunity for a young person to get a start in their career, get industry experience and build networks. I would recommend it to everyone. read more

2. How My Daughter Gained Full-time Employment Thanks to Her ArtsReady Traineeship

I can’t express how grateful I am, I couldn’t be happier. She is my only baby, my miracle baby and it is so beautiful to see my daughter thriving. The program is so impressive, and the dedication goes into these opportunities. I believe in this program, and I think more parents need to consider a traineeship as a real career pathway for their child post-high school. read more

3. Proud Mum of Three First Nations Trainees

“I can’t stress enough how much I and my kids have been supported throughout this journey. We are guided by three incredibly passionate people who put in everything so the kids can leave the traineeship with real outcomes…”read more

4. How a Traineeship Inspired my Son to Become a Teacher

“Tom’s experience was and continues to be the most wonderful introduction to a professional workplace and helped solidify his decision to study for a degree in Education.” – read more

5. School-Based Traineeship has Equipped her Daughter with Life Skills

Michelle thought the program gave Giaan excellent life skills and she saw rapid growth in her daughter in confidence and maturity. read more

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